Counter-Hegemonic Teaching

Counter-Hegemonic Perspectives for Teaching Social Studies, the Foundations, Special Education Inclusion, and Multiculturalism


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Peter M. Taubman, Professor and Head of Adolescence and Secondary Education, Brooklyn College, City University of New York:
“Employing post-structural, psychoanalytic and critical theory to illuminate teacher education and the current state of secondary public schooling, Lee Fleischer offers us a counter-hegemonic theory of teaching. This is a far-ranging and scholarly study of current educational practices.”
Greg Seals, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Social Studies, The College of Staten Island, City University of New York:
“Lee Fleischer’s Counter-Hegemonic Teaching expresses wisdom gained in career-long efforts to conscientize and radicalize the author’s own encounter with schooling as well as the schooling experiences of an amazing array of students, teachers, and colleagues. Theory and practice meld in the book as poststructural theory becomes articulated in ways that make it useable and useful for teachers generally; but social studies teachers in particular. The brilliant use of student-created political cartoons to assess understanding of and promote development of the ideas of Freire is, literally, a lesson for all of us interested in issues of social justice in education.”
David D. Avdul, Professor of Education of School Leadership and Administration, former Dean of the School of Education at Pace University, New York City:
“Lee Fleischer’s Counter-Hegemonic Teaching looks at the familiar in unfamiliar ways. He challenges traditional practices of hierarchical schooling with an audacity which dares to imagine leadership in schools as a phenomenon of power sharing, necessarily empowering teachers whose pedagogy must necessarily empower students. Fleischer acknowledges that a uniqueness of being human is our ability to work in concert with others; he offers teachers a glimpse into a world of educational leadership which is inclusive, equitable, caring, and authentically democratic. This book challenges educators to work in concert with each other. To engage in constructive uses of power, all aimed at creating a culture of counter-hegemonic teaching.”
Karel Rose, Professor of Foundations of Education, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, Doctoral Program, CUNY Graduate Center:
“The times may be just right and new spaces are opening for the counter-hegemonic struggle to thrive in a unique way. Given the political and economic failures of the early 21st century…. educators need the vision and guidance to take advantage of an unparalleled opportunity for change. Lee Fleischer is in the forefront, ahead of the pack and his timing is just perfect.”
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