Deployed to Deliver

The Displaced Agency of Teachers in Globalised Education Systems

Education is a vital institution for balancing the excesses of globalisation and changing understandings of civic and global responsibility. However, education policy often bows to promoting education that dovetails with a global economy increasingly predicated on consumption and competition. What can teachers do? Under these circumstances, is policy for education really about education? Deployed to Deliver: Teachers in Globalised Education Systems investigates these and other questions and the dilemmas they pose for national, international and supranational educational policy makers, educators, social theorists and practitioners. It works from the premise that education policy for a knowledge society necessitates a critical analysis of global agencies and how they reconstruct education for a global economy. If we are to understand that education has its negative and positive manifestations and possibilities, we need to go beyond the simplistic agendas of global agencies and problematise the view of the future.

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This book will particularly appeal to a readership in education, sociology, policy studies, international studies, work related studies, and cultural studies, at graduate/postgraduate level. It offers an accessible introduction to globalization, educational change and the work of teachers in globalized education systems.