Forging Solidarity

Popular Education at Work


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Animating this book is a twofold question: In what ways are adult and popular educators responding to various harsh economic, political, cultural and environmental conditions? In doing so, are they planting seeds of hope for and imaginings of alternative futures which can connect individuals and communities locally and globally to achieve economic, ecological and social justice?
The book illustrates how transformative politics of solidarity often involve actors across vastly different backgrounds. Solidarity is therefore a political relationship that is forged through particular struggles situated in place and time across power differentials. The authors put popular education to work by describing and analysing their strategies and approaches. They do so using accessible language and engaging styles.
Popular education is a medium for dreaming, for imagining other futures. It is also essential for countering the wilful spreading of fake news and propagation of ignorance. Pedagogies of solidarity are necessary to building connections amongst people at a time when competitive individualism and alienation are rampant. Forging solidarity with and amongst communities is a means towards that end, and, indeed, an end in itself.

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“Corporate mines and agribusiness poison the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat. Together with their political proxies they destroy the earth and her peoples—too many are killed because of their military, economic, religious and information wars. How do we stand up for ourselves and the earth that nourishes us against this global system? Forging Solidarity shares inspiring stories that feed our deep connection and power.” — Pregs Govender, author of Love and Courage: A Story of Insubordination

Forging Solidarity is a critical and timely collective intervention that ponders, prods, pokes, and plays in the most generative ways. In so doing, it invites us to continue deepening our engagements with questions of responsibility and justice in relation to education everywhere.” — Richa Nagar, author of Muddying the Waters: Co-authoring Feminisms across Scholarship and Activism

“This book inspires people to realize that not fighting against socio-economic injustices is to side with oppressors.” — Ntombi Nyathi, Programme Director of Training for Transformation

"It is impossible in a review to do justice to the richness of this book. (…) A key theme which runs through the book is the importance of leadership, sometimes as catalyst, sometimes as facilitator with greater access to resources — while at the same time avoiding outsider-insider disparities." — Alan Rogers (2018) Forging solidarity: Popular education at work. International Review of Education, 64: 393-395.
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