James Bay Cree Students and Higher Education

Issues of Identity and Culture Shock


This book examines the continuing challenges of lingering colonial cultural imperialism on the James Bay Cree, through an examination of the relationship between Cree students and the current “mainstream higher education” system. Culture shock and identity formation are central themes as the book investigates the uneven relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous authority in North America, dispelling notions of living in a “post-colonial” context. Well suited to a number of interests, such as Multiculturalism, Native/Indigenous studies, Sociology, Curriculum Studies, Cultural Comparative Education, Qualitative Research and more, readers will gain an understanding or simply benefit from a confirmation and validation of the complexities regarding “Native education”.

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“A wise and courageous book on native students and higher education, written by a Bishop’s University professor......I have seldom read a better account of why native students don't do well in non-native education. The alienation imposed on them by our institutions, just by their very existence, has seldom been better explained.” —Boyce Richardson, Author (Strangers Devour The Land), Filmmaker (CreeHunters of Mistissini) & Member of the Order of Canada.
Educational Researchers and their students