Learning with Mothers

A Study of Home Schooling in China

The literature in relation to home schooling grounded in empirical research and focusing on gender role and the impacts of social class has been neglected and unexplored. Home schooling is at an initial period, for the public, researchers, media and educational authorities in China it is mysterious and even abnormal or odd. This book seeks to bring a rich body of qualitative data to provide in-depth information in relation to the demographic characteristics of home schooling parents, the motivations for home schooling in China, the process of practicing it and its relevant academic and social outcomes.
Learning with Mothers examines the social difference in terms of social class in the process of home schooling and also takes account of gender difference in terms of parental involvement, aiming to answer the questions about home schooling, such as:
Who are practicing home schooling for their children?
Why do parents choose to home school their children?
How are parents involved in their home schooling?
What is accomplished in doing so?

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This book is the first book in relation to home schooling in China. This book will be essential reading for researchers, postgraduate students and Chinese parents with in-depth information in relation to summary of updated literature on home schooling in China.
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