Navigating Through the Storm

Reinventing Education for Postmodern Democracies


This book aims to systematically tackle the most severe crisis to ever beset Western education systems, which stems from the growing clash between the Platonic-modern civilization—still very much at the core of prevailing education systems—and the postmodern civilization which has become dominant in Western societies in the last generations. The book counters this crisis by radically and systematically rethinking education for postmodern democracies, beginning by comprehensively analyzing the main features of current postmodern "storms" along with their engulfing socio-cultural and educational implications, and proceeding to offer a theoretical and practical blueprint designed to harness these storms for optimally realizing the basic Humanistic values that should guide education in liberal democracies: personal autonomy, morality and dialogical belonging.

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A terrific book. Aharon Aviram’s trenchant critique of massive educational failure in postmodern democracies is combined with a hopeful agenda for radical educational change. An outstanding contribution to educational research.
—Eamonn Callan, Professor of Education, Stanford University
Educational practices no longer prepare individuals to become effective co-creators of their own futures, and educational establishments are undergoing irrelevant reforms. Aharon Aviram analyzes this state of affairs and presents a set of thought-provoking and fresh proposals for an alternative that deserve the serious consideration of all who truly wish to re-envision learning and education for the 21st Century.
—Jim Dator, Director - Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Former President - World Futures Studies Federation
The book gives us a very timely wakeup call from the 19th century slumber that many still inhabit and the ensuing common mythical quick fix solutions usually suggested for the deep crisis of Western educational systems in postmodernity. It offers detailed and valiant democratic-humanistic educational goals and guidelines for policy and decision making in the "uncharted waters" of postmodernity.
—John P. Portelli, Professor and Co-Director - Centre for Leadership and Diversity, OISE, University of Toronto
A magnificent book, enormously interesting, important and disturbing. Essential reading for those struggling to understand the tectonic shifts in philosophy, technology and general lifestyle responsible for that weltanschauung which has pushed contemporary educational systems 'beyond their expiration date', so necessitating a fundamental 'reinvention of education from scratch'.
—John Abbott, President - The 21st Century Learning Initiative
Researchers, students, practitioners and policymakers in all fields of education; parents of school-age children; and anyone who values the importance of education for the future of developed societies.
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