New Thinking in Comparative Education

Honouring Robert Cowen


Volume Editor:
This book is a cutting-edge collection of articles inspired by the writings of Robert Cowen about comparative education. Authors take up Cowen’s central concerns: re-theorising the field of comparative education, rethinking the interpretive concepts that are used by comparative education researchers, and the relationships between them. The authors take us beyond old ideas to provide some new and fresh thinking on and about educational phenomena and the field of comparative education. Writers engage in critical thinking about the intellectual agenda of comparative education, the role of theory in their work, the contexts that are shaping the field, and epistemic consequences of these broader changes for comparative education.
The volume contains voices from a variety of geographical regions, theoretical positions, newer and more well-established scholars in the field. The book also includes shorter reflections from individuals in the field who know Robert Cowen personally. More well-established themes in the field are discussed such as borrowing and transfer, as well as newer concepts and ideas from Cowen’s work including shape-shifting, and transitologies. New Thinking in Comparative Education will be of interest to those who are studying and doing research in the field of comparative and international education, both at the under-graduate and graduate levels of education.

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New Thinking in Comparative Education
Editorial Introduction
Pages: 1–14
Comparative Studies and Unthinking Comparative “Thought”
The Paradox of ‘Reason’ and its Abjections
Pages: 15–28
Globalization and the Rescaling of Education Politics and Policy
Implications for Comparative Education
Pages: 33–52
Robert Cowen
Tribute to a Fox
Pages: 53–55
Compasses, Maps, and Mirrors
Relocating Episteme(s) of Transfer, Reorienting the Comparative Kosmos
Pages: 57–79
Shape-Shifting of Comparative Education
Towards a Comparative History of the Field
Pages: 83–101
L’Homme et la Pensée
Pages: 103–104
Epistemic Shape Shifting, Transfer and Transformation
Discourses of Discontinuities, Gaps and Possibilities
Pages: 105–119
Enacting Educated Identities
A Reflection on Robert Cowen
Pages: 123–125
Reading the Global
Comparative Education at the End of an Era
Pages: 125–142
Lifting the Glass
A Toast to Robert Cowen
Pages: 143–145
Re-Thinking the Context of International Politics in Comparative Education
An Analysis of Japanese Educational Policy in Search for a Modern Self
Pages: 163–176
On Reflection
A Distinguished Life and Career Far from Over
Pages: 177–178
Pages: 203–205
Pages: 207–211
Educational Researchers and their students
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