Pedagogy and Edusemiotics

Theoretical Challenges/Practical Opportunities


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Two Poems
Pages: 5–6
Poetry Meets Pedagogy
Conversations in/about Classrooms
Pages: 19–33
Interpreting Metaphoric Acts
A Dialogic Encounter with the Very Young
Pages: 51–68
Education, Values and Authority
A Semiotic View
Pages: 91–105
Learning Existential Lessons
The Edusemiotics of Images
Pages: 121–135
Two Poems
Pages: 151–152
Pages: 189–191
This book represents an essential resource exploring semiotics for education: Edusemiotics. It opens new pathways of engaging with signs inside/outside schools and across theory, practice, poetry, art, technology and politics.—Peter Pericles Trifonas, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto. Author of Reading Culture and Deconstructing the Machine (with Jacques Derrida)
This trenchant collection of essays successfully integrates the scientific rigors of semiotics with a sophisticated application of creative arts in the context of both formal and informal pedagogy. The groundbreaking research in this volume represents a long- overdue inquiry into multiple relations and cross-currents in education worldwide and as informed by such luminaries as Peirce, Bahktin, Greimas, Kristeva, Havel, and other thinkers. A must to read!—Thomas E. Peterson, University of Georgia (USA). Author of The Revolt of the Scribe in Modern Italian Literature and numerous essays in Educational Philosophy and Theory
The book comprises a series of ingenious semiotic approaches to educational theory, practice and research. It represents a synthesis of analytic reason with poetics and images to enrich the meaning of education.—John Deely, Professor of Philosophy, University of St. Thomas (Houston, USA). Author of Four Ages of Understanding: The First Postmodern Survey of Philosophy from Ancient Times to the Turn of the Twenty-First Century
Educational Researchers and their students
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