The Occupier and the ""New"" Occupied

Haiti and Other Oppressed Nations Under Western Neocolonial, Neoliberal, and Imperialist Dominations


In this book, the author critically analyzes the wide-ranging effects of western neo-colonial and neo-liberal economic and political policies on Haiti and other oppressed nations. The author’s overarching argument is that western colonization of these countries has taken a different form with a disguised mask. Further, the author contends that this form of colonization and “new” occupation has been made possible through the control of the economic and political apparatus of these disfranchised nations and the ideological domination of people living there, often maintained through canonical texts and institutions such as schools, the army, the media, and churches. The author situates this new form of occupation of Haiti by western imperialist powers in the context of western neo-liberal economic and political policies. Finally, critically analyzing the Haiti’s school system, which he argues is colonial-based, the author demonstrates how students living in this island have been mis-educated to internalize and reproduce western values, beliefs, and norms at the expense of their own.


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Educational Researchers and their students