Theories of Bildung and Growth

Connections and Controversies Between Continental Educational Thinking and American Pragmatism

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Continental philosophy of education and North American educational thinking are two traditions of their own, yet it is fruitful to compare for similarities and differences between the two and thus generate interest in a mutual dialogue and exchange between European and North American of philosophy of education. The present book analyzes theoretical thinking on education from the standpoints of both traditions. The book deals with continental educational thinking while discussing the notion of Bildung and its diversity, from J. A.comenius to Th. Adorno. In addition, the book discusses the idea of growth inherited from American progressive education and classical Pragmatism. The various contributors to the book offer insights to the theoretical discussion on education, and specify the historical and thematic connections between different thinking models. The book shows that connections between continental educational theories and classical Pragmatism are stronger than generally assumed. As such, the book invites the readers to challenge their own prejudices and views on Bildung and growth, and the relationship between them.

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“Education would be tyranny if it did not lead to freedom.” - J. F. Herbart)
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Educational Researchers and their students
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