Understanding Inequalities in, through and by Higher Education

Foreword by Philip G. Altbach


Volume Editor:
Which inequalities characterise today higher education’systems, which one do they produce and which one do they fight? This book answers this three sides question by developing a comprehensive approach to depict and frame inequalities in and by higher education. By doing so, it provides researchers and policies makers with a tool to think and fight inequalities.
Drawing on a multilevel and international perspective, this book analyses the inequalities issue at three levels (Access to higher education, Success in higher education and Access to academic careers as an illustration of inequalities in access to the marketplace) by using complementary disciplines and approaches. Besides national histories of higher education and their path dependencies, societal specificities and their understanding of what diversity means and how it can be measured, international pressures to admit common norms, inequalities are today thought in an always more multidimensional, qualitative way. Relying on cases studies, this book takes the reader through the contemporary complexity of higher education inequalities to finally provide him with a conceptual scheme of reading the dimensions weighting on inequalities and think the potential tools to address them.

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Inequality in Higher Education
Definitions, Measurements, Inferences
Pages: 1–16
Remediation, Practicality, Diversity and Social Justice
Understanding the Differing Contexts and Justifications for Affirmative Action around the World
Pages: 17–29
Profiling Successful Students
Inequalities of Success in Higher Education
Pages: 31–46
Community Colleges and the Opportunity Gap
Students Access and Success in the United States
Pages: 47–59
Inequalities in Postgraduate Education
A Comparative Review
Pages: 61–74
Inequality in Academic Careers in Germany
Indications from Postdoctoral Careers
Pages: 105–121
From Empiry to Theory: The Social Construction of Inequalities in Higher Education
Pages: 123–131
Educational Researchers and their students
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