University Collaboration for Innovation

Lessons from the Cambridge-MIT Institute


In 2000, the UK Government funded the establishment of the Cambridge MIT Institute (CMI) with the expressed purpose of improving the impact of UK Universities on the UK economy. The programme of work conducted by CMI covered the full range of activities in and this book reports on its educational activities. Through a regime of investigation, intervention and assessment, CMI advanced understanding of how the practices of both Universities contribute to the subsequent performance of their graduates as innovators and entrepreneurs in later life. The investigations began with an analysis of the impact on students of participation in exchange programme which saw a cohort from each University spend a year in the other. The interventions included changes in curricular and pedagogy, and the implementation of practices taken from one University in the activities of the other. The book will be of interest to educators interested in developing the curriculum and pedagogies of their institution to equip their students for the demands of the modern workplace; policy makers concerned with the economic impact of Universities; and researchers interested in the changing nature of higher education in a globalised world system.

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The Globalisation of Higher Education
Models, Systems and Cultures
Pages: 15–29
Learning through a Student Exchange Programme
Domains of Intellectual Development
By: Roy Cox
Pages: 31–59
Learning Through a Student Exchange Programme
Domains of Personal and Social Development
By: Roy Cox
Pages: 61–78
Computer-Assisted Explorations in Mathematics
Pedagogical Adaptations across the Atlantic
Pages: 121–131
Lessons in Curriculum Design in Engineering Education
Some Comparisons between the UK and the US
By: Roy Cox
Pages: 133–153
Threshold Concepts
An Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Agenda in Higher Education
Pages: 155–171
Insights into Interdisciplinary Education
Definitions, Practices, and Long-Term Implications
Pages: 173–183
Curricular Schemes for Post-Graduate Learning
Three Cases from CMI’s MPhil Programmes
Pages: 203–222
Educational Researchers and their students
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