Spatial Practices

Territory, Border and Infrastructure in Africa


The edited collection Spatial Practices: Territory, Border and Infrastructure in Africa presents research findings from the German Research Council’s Priority Programme 1448 “Adaptation and Change in Africa” (2011-2018). At the heart of the volume are important new spatial practices that have emerged after the end of the Cold War in the fields of conflict, climate change, migration and urban development, to name but a few, and their ordering effects with regard to social relations. These findings bear particular relevance for the co-production of territorialities and sovereignties, for borders and migrations, as well as infrastructures and orders.

Contributors are: Sabine Baumgart, Andrea Behrends, Marc Boeckler, Martin Doevenspeck, Ulf Engel, Claudia Gebauer, Karsten Giese, Katharina Heitz Tokpa, Shahadat Hossain, Anna Hüncke, Gabriel Klaeger, Kelly Si Miao Liang, Andreas Mehler, Felix Müller, Detlef Müller-Mahn, Wolfgang Scholz, Sophie Schramm, Jannik Schritt, Michael Stasik, Florian Weisser, Julia Willers, and Franzisca Zanker.

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Ulf Engel is professor for “Politics in Africa” at the Institute of African Studies, University of Leipzig, visiting professor at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies, Addis Ababa, and professor extraordinary in the Department of Political Science, Stellenbosch.

Marc Boeckler is an economic geographer with a training in cultural studies as well as science and technology studies. He is professor of Economic Geography and head of the Department of Human Geography at Goethe University Frankfurt.

Detlef Müller-Mahn is professor of development geography at the University of Bonn and speaker of the collaborative research centre “Future Rural Africa: Future-making and social-ecological transformation”.
Acknowledgements List of Figures Abbreviations Contributors 1 African Spaces of Global Order: Territory, Border and Infrastructure in AfricaMarc Boeckler, Ulf Engel and Detlef Müller-Mahn

Part 1: Territories and Sovereignties

2 Struggling for Sovereignty: Political Authority and the Governance of Climate Change in EthiopiaDetlef Müller-Mahn, Florian Weisser and Julia Willers 3 Adaptation to Climate Change and New Spaces of Facilitated Control in RwandaClaudia Gebauer and Martin Doevenspeck 4 Ethiopian Federalism Revisited: Reterritorialization, Nationality, and the (De)legitimization of Ordering PracticesFelix Müller 5 Territorialisation in Post-Conflict Contexts: Claims to Space and Conflict ManagementFranzisca Zanker and Andreas Mehler

Part 2: Borders and Mobilities

6 Territorial Power without Sovereignty: Hunters and the State on Côte d’Ivoire’s Northern MarginsKatharina Heitz Tokpa 7 At a Crossing Point: Negotiating Access to Spaces at the South African-Zimbabwean BorderAnna Hüncke 8 Shifting Territorialities of an African Space in ChinaKarsten Giese and Kelly Si Miao Liang

Part 3: Infrastructure and Order(s)

9 Reordering Ghana’s Roadside Spaces: Hawking in Times of Infrastructural RenewalMichael Stasik and Gabriel Klaeger 10 On-demand Connections, Formalization and Multiplications: Dis/ordering Water Supply in Kimara Mwisho, Dar es SalaamSophie Schramm 11 Territorialisation, Urban Planning and Spatial Dis/order in Dar es SalaamShahadat Hossain, Wolfgang Scholz and Sabine Baumgart 12 “Western” and “Chinese” Oil zones: Petro-Infrastructures and the Emergence of New Trans-territorial Spaces of Order in Niger and ChadJannik Schritt and Andrea Behrends Index
All those interested in how space as an analytical category applies to recent dynamics of ordering social relations in Africa, in particular regarding territories, borders and infrastructures.
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