Sources and Interpretation in Ancient Judaism

Studies for Tal Ilan at Sixty


Sources and Interpretation in Ancient Judaism: Studies for Tal Ilan at Sixty, a collection of studies by 14 scholars, is designed to honor an outstanding scholar in the field of Ancient Judaism, Tal Ilan. These studies reflect realms within the broad field of Ancient Judaism that are central to Ilan’s scholarship: Second Temple literary sources and history, Gender, Jewish papyrology and rabbinic literature. The studies within this volume are of an interdisciplinary nature, offering new readings and interpretations of known sources such as Josephus and rabbinic texts, but also introducing the reader to an entirely new body of sources, namely Jewish papyri. The volume therefore aims to introduce specialists and non-specialists to new fields of research.

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Meron M. Piotrkowski, Ph.d. (2015), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is a postdoctoral researcher at the university’s Department of the History of the Jewish People. He has published articles on Josephus, Jewish-Hellenistic Literature, the Temple of Onias and Jewish Papyri.

Geoffrey Herman Ph.D (2006), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is a member of the School of Historical Studies at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He has published monographs and articles on Babylonian Jewish history, including A Prince without a Kingdom: the Exilarch in the Sasanian Era (Mohr Siebeck, 2012).

Saskia Dönitz, PhD (2008), Freie Universität Berlin, is a postdoctoral researcher at the Goethe Universität Frankfurt a.M. Her major fields of research include medieval Hebrew historiography, and Ashkenazic and Byzantine Jewish intellectual history. Earlier she published Überlieferung und Rezeption des Sefer Yosippon (Mohr Siebeck, 2013).
... Diese Auswahl von Artikeln aus der Festschrift hat exemplarischen Charakter, weitere interessante Publikationen lassen sich anfügen. So spiegelt der Band sowohl das breite Spektrum der Forschungsarbeiten Tal Ilans als auch ihre Kreativität. - in: Theologische Literaturzeitung 2019
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Part 1 Second Temple Literature and History

1 Chasing Away Lions and Weaving: The longue durée of Talmudic Gender Icons
Yosef Garfinkel

2 Malthace, Archelaus, and Herod Antipas: Between Genealogy and Typology
Daniel R. Schwartz

3 A New Perspective on Two Jewish Queens in the Second Temple Period: Alexandra of Judaea and Helena of Adiabene
Etka Liebowitz

4 Was Hillel a Pharisee?
Cana Werman

Part 2 The Jews and the Papyri

5 Ezechiel 33,21–39,29: Anmerkungen zum Profil der Sinneinheit in der nicht-masoretischen Textfassung (Papyrus 967) und zu Veränderungen durch proto-masoretische Redaktoren
Karin Finsterbusch

6 The Third Century BCE: New Light on Egyptian Jewish History from the Papyri
Noah Hacham

7 ‘Literary Jews:’ The Jewish Community of Oxyrhynchus in Light of Non-documentary Texts on Papyrus
Meron M. Piotrkowski

8 Shabtai in Egypt: Cultural Interaction between Jews and Egyptians under the Ptolemies
Zsuzsanna Szántó

Part 3 Rabbinic Literature

9 Babylonia of Pure Lineage: Notes on Babylonian Jewish Toponymy
Geoffrey Herman

10 A Spindle for Caesar’s Daughter
Reuven Kiperwasser

11 Rabbinic Forensics: Distinguishing Egg White from Semen in b. Giṭṭin 57a
Judith Baskin

12 Rabbinic Images of Second Temple Diasporas and Their Links with Judaea: History of Fantasy?
Isaiah Gafni

13 Are Parables an Interpretation?
Ronit Nikolsky

14 When a Man Sells His Daughter as an ‮אמה‬‎: The ‮אמה העבריה‬‎ as m. Qiddushin’s Role Model for Becoming a Wife
Judith von Bresinsky

15 Classroom Encounters: An Appreciation
Christiane H. Tzuberi

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