Equity in and through Education

Changing Contexts, Consequences and Contestations


The Comparative Education Society in Europe (CESE) is an international nonprofit making association of scientific and educational character. CESE was founded in 1961 in London and is a founding society of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES). CESE has traditionally promoted a space for dialogue amongst scholars, specialists and young researchers from the field of education and other disciplines. More specifically, its purpose is to encourage and promote comparative and international studies in education by:
• promoting and improving the teaching of comparative education in institutions of higher learning;
• stimulating research;
• facilitating the publication and distribution of comparative studies in education;
• interesting professors and teachers of other disciplines in the comparative and international dimension of their work;
• co-operating with those who in other disciplines attempt to interpret educational developments in a broad context;
• organising conferences and meetings;
• collaborating with other Comparative Education Societies across the world in order to further international action in this field.

Every two years CESE organises an international conference of high scholarly standards which attracts academics, scholars, practitioners and students from all parts of Europe and around the world. Throughout its history, CESE has organised twenty-four such conferences, a special conference for the 25th anniversary of the Society, a symposium, and two ‘CESE In-Betweens’. In-Betweens are international symposia organised between the biennial conferences. A web site of CESE is maintained at www.cese-europe.org.

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Stephen Carney is an Associate Professor in Comparative Education at Roskilde University in Denmark. His research focuses on global educational reform and has involved extensive ethnographic work in Denmark, England, Nepal and China. Since 2016 he has been President of the Comparative Education Society in Europe (CESE).

Michele Schweisfurth is Professor of Comparative and International Education and
Director, Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change at the University of Glasgow. Her research interests include education in developing and transitional countries, learner-centred pedagogy in an international perspective and democratic education. She is a former Chair of the British Association for International and Comparative Education.
All interested in equity, fairness and social justice in education. Scholars and students (undergraduate and post graduate) with comparative and international education, education policy and sociology of education. Institutes of education, academic libraries, educational consultants and practitioners.
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