Developing Practice Capability

Transforming Workplace Learning


This book focuses on professional practice capability development in workplace contexts. It is built around the idea of workplace learning spaces being like crucibles in which many human, material and ephemeral factors are brought together through interactive exchanges of purpose and energy. A Crucible Model for Professional Development is presented and explored as a means for better understanding workplace learning as a place and vehicle for learning for professional practice. The power and potential for such learning spaces resembles the power of the apparently simple bowl of a crucible. However, when combined with the fire of enthusiasm for learning and teaching, and the rich learning resources and opportunities these settings can provide, the resultant catalytic reactions of professional growth and development can be both rewarding and outstanding.
This book challenges contemporary models of workplace learning and their ability to develop a broad range of professional practice capabilities. The authors examine the nature and context of workplace learning in relation to capability development, explore the potential of the Crucible Model to enhance workplace learning and provide narratives of professional practice capability development in action. The discussions generate a range of implications and recommendations for workplace learning and capability development relevant to workplace learning educators and supervisors, academic educators, practitioners, students and those with the power to shape the future direction of workplace learning for professional practice.

We invite you as readers of this book to consider the themes we have presented to reflect on your own experiences (whether as a student, workplace learning educator/supervisor, academic educator or a practitioner seeking to enhance your own capability development) to re-imagine workplace learning pedagogy and in so doing harness the potency of workplace learning experiences to develop professional practitioners capable of flourishing in and constructively contributing to 21st Century professional practice contexts.

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Narelle Patton, Ph.D (2014), Charles Sturt University, is Sub-Dean Workplace Learning and Accreditation at that university. She has published conference papers, articles and book chapters on workplace learning including Driving Change: Students shaping and reshaping work-integrated learning spaces (Emerald, 2017).
Preface vii

Section 1: Professional Practice and Capability

1. Professional Practice 3
Narelle Patton and Joy Higgs
2. Professional Practice Capability 15
Joy Higgs and Narelle Patton

Section 2: Professional Education Theory and Educational Practice

3. Practice Communities and Cultures: A Context for Developing Practice Capabilities 33
Joy Higgs
4. Pedagogies for Practice Capability Development in Professional Education Curricula 45
Melanie Walker
5. Using Practice and Workplace Learning Theories to Enhance Clinical Learning Spaces 61
Narelle Patton
6. Taking a Capability Approach to Learning for Life and Work 69
Joy Higgs
7. Practice-Based Education: Setting Quality Agendas 81
Joy Higgs

Section 3: A Study of Clinical Education as a Space for Practice Capability Development

8. Enacting the Study 97
Narelle Patton
9. Using Visual Representations to Enhance Clinical Workplace Learning 113
Narelle Patton
10. Clinical Learning Spaces: Dimensions and Character 121
Narelle Patton
11. A Crucible Model for Understanding Learning in Clinical Workplace Spaces 135
Narelle Patton

Section 4: Exploring Workplace Learning and Capability Development

12. Exploring the Range of Clinical Learning Spaces 151
Narelle Patton and Megan Smith
13. Reflective Spaces: Nurturing Reflective Practice during Workplace Learning 165
Narelle Patton and Elizabeth Anne Kinsella
14. Relationship Spaces to Enrich Practice Capability Development in Clinical Workplace Learning 173
Julie Baldry Currens
15. Developing Capability for Empathic Practice 183
Narelle Patton and Bruce Newton
16. Developing Capability for Ethical Courage in Clinical Workplaces 191
Gail Jensen and Narelle Patton
17. Being a Clinical Educator 199
Chris Lindner and Narelle Patton
18. The Crucible Model as a Tool for Student Preparation for Clinical Workplace Learning 211
Narelle Patton and Joy Higgs
19. The Crucible Model Underpinning Holistic Clinical Educator Professional Development 223
Narelle Patton and Joy Higgs
20. Student Wellbeing as a Space to Enhance Clinical Workplace Learning 235
Wendy Bowles and Maree Donna Simpson
21. Transformational Learning for Capability in the Workplace 245
Bridget Leahy and Narelle Patton
22. Assessing Professional Practice Capabilities 257
Narelle Patton

Contributors 271
All interested in better understanding and enhancing capability development in workplaces including workplace learning educators and supervisors, academic educators, practitioners and students and those with power to change workplace learning.
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