Research Concepts for the Practitioner of Educational Leadership

In Research Concepts for the Practitioner of Educational Leadership, the author acquaints the reader with principles of educational research that are most applicable to today’s educational leaders. Educational leaders are facing increasing demands to analyze data and use research to make instructional decisions. School-based educational leaders are facing these demands as well as those in educational leadership at other levels such as school districts and foundations. Instructional leaders are finding it increasingly difficult to lead without having a firm grasp of using data to make informed instructional decisions. This book helps to bridge the gap between the complex world of data analysis with the ever-changing dynamics of education leadership.
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Lee Baldwin, Ph.D. (1981), University of Virginia, is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Central Florida. He had 36 years of experience in public school administration and teaching, and currently teaches research courses for educational leadership students.


Students and practitioners of educational leadership who would like to develop a firm understanding of educational research concepts.

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