Middle Eastern and North African Societies in the Interwar Period


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Taking society as its central focus, Middle Eastern and North African Societies in the Interwar Period approaches the region as one of connectivities and fluidity and investigates networks and interregional relations, stratagems adopted to shape society and social resistance to or absorption of change. From tourism to health propaganda, marriage to beauty contest, mass communication to music, this book offers a vibrant and dynamic picture of the region which goes beyond state borders.

Contributors are Diana Abbani, Amit Bein, Ebru Boyar, Elizabeth Brownson, Nazan Çiçek, Kate Fleet, Ulrike Freitag, Liat Kozma, Brian L. McLaren and Emilio Spadola.

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Ebru Boyar, Ph.D. Cambridge University, is a Professor at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara. Her publications include Ottomans, Turks and the Balkans: Empire Lost, Relations Altered (London, 2007) and A Social History of Ottoman Istanbul (Cambridge, 2010).

Kate Fleet, Ph.D. SOAS, London University, is Director of the Skilliter Centre for Ottoman Studies, University of Cambridge. Her publications include European and Islamic Trade in the Early Ottoman State (Cambridge, 1999) and A Social History of Ottoman Istanbul (Cambridge, 2010).
‘Due to its rich historical and interdisciplinary nature, I strongly recommend this book to students and researchers of Middle East studies who would like to deepen their understanding of not only the political but also the social and cultural dimensions of Middle East affairs.’
Mohammad Hassan Khani in Acta Via Serica 4.1 (2019), 153-156.

‘Der Sammelband gibt interessante Einblicke in die Entwicklung Südwestasiens und Nordafrikas in der Zwischenkriegszeit, die eine dynamische Region erkennen lassen, die nicht nur unter Kategorien wie Kolonialismus oder Antikolonialismus subsumierbar ist.’
Rüdiger Lohlker in Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes 109 (2019).
Acknowledgements List of Illustrations Notes on Contributors 1 Approaching Societies in the Interwar Middle East and North Africa Ebru Boyar and Kate Fleet 2 State-Society Relations through the Lens of Urban Development Ulrike Freitag 3 Beirut’s Musical Scene: A Narrative of Modernisation and Identity Struggles under the French Mandate Diana Abbani 4 Tourism and Mobility in Italian Colonial Libya Brian L. McLaren 5 The Call of Communication: Mass Media and Reform in Interwar Morocco Emilio Spadola 6 Doctors Crossing Borders: The Formation of a Regional Profession in the Interwar Middle East Liat Kozma 7 There She is, Miss Universe: Keriman Halis Goes to Egypt, 1933 Amit Bein 8 Taking Health to the Village: Early Turkish Republican Health Propaganda in the Countryside Ebru Boyar 9 The Provision of Water to Istanbul from Terkos: Continuities and Change from Empire to Republic Kate Fleet 10 Reforms or Restrictions? The Ottoman Muslim Family Law Code and Women’s Marital Status in Mandate Palestine Elizabeth Brownson 11 Mapping Social Change through Matters of the Heart: Debates on Courtship, Marriage and Divorce in the Early Turkish Republican Era (1923–1950) Nazan Çiçek Bibliography Index
All interested in the history of the Middle East and North Africa.
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