Professionals’ Ethos and Education for Responsibility


In Professionals’ Ethos and Education for Responsibility, Alfred Weinberger, Horst Biedermann, Jean-Luc Patry and Sieglinde Weyringer offer insights into different concepts and applications of professionals’ ethos focusing on teachers’ ethos. Ethos refers to the responsibility of a professional, and it is considered a key element of a professional’s work. The first time mentioned in ancient Greece denoting character and habit, the word ethos nowadays has several definitions and meanings. This book intends to explore the variety of meanings, with authors in this volume drawing from established concepts of ethos and empirical research to push the field forward.
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Biographical Note

Alfred Weinberger, Ph.D. (2006), University of Salzburg, is Professor at the Private University of Education in Linz. His most recent journal article is Fostering pre-service teachers’ socio-scientific argumentation skills with VaKE (Values and Knowledge Education) (TOJED, 2017).

Horst Biedermann, Ph.D. (2006), University of Fribourg, is Chair of the University of Teacher Education St. Gallen. His most recent book article is Morality and Politics: Siblings who do not love each other (2018).

Jean-Luc Patry, Ph.D. (1975), University of Zürich, Switzerland, is Emeritus Professor of the University of Salzburg, Austria. His most recent book is Marginal Analysis – Educational Perspectives on a Current Figure of Thought (2018).

Sieglinde Weyringer, Ph.D. (2008), University of Salzburg, is Senior Lecturer at that university. Her most recent book article is Autonomy-Supportive Learning with VaKE (Values and Knowledge Education) in Teacher Education: Fostering Empathy and Cognitive Complexity (2017).


This book is useful for researchers, methodologists, students, and practitioners from different disciplines with interest in professionals’ ethos and education for responsibility as well as in moral and democratic education.


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