Assessing the Landscape of Taiwan and Korean Studies in Comparison


In Assessing the Landscape of Taiwan and Korean Studies in Comparison, the chapters offer a reflection on the state of the field of Taiwan and Korea Studies. For the editors, the volume’s purpose was to identify not just their similarities, but also a reflection on their differences. Both have national identities formed in a colonial period. The surrender of Japan in 1945 ignited the light of independence for Korea, but this would be ideologically split within five years. For Taiwan, that end forced it into a born-again form of nationalism with the arrival of the Chinese Nationalists.

Taiwan and South Korea’s economic development illustrate a progressive transition and key to understanding this is the relationship between ‘modernization’ and ‘democracy’. By looking at Korea and Taiwan, the chapters in the volume broaden an understanding of the interconnectivity of the region.

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J. Bruce Jacobs, PhD (1975), Columbia University, was Professor of Asian Languages and Studies at Monash University. Bruce published on Taiwan, including Democratising Taiwan (BRILL, 2012) and The Kaohsiung Incident in Taiwan and Memoirs of a Foreign Big Beard (BRILL, 2016).

Niki J.P. Alsford, PhD (2015), SOAS, is Professor at University of Central Lancashire. He has published his research on Taiwan, including Transitions to Modernity in Taiwan: The spirit of 1895 and the cession of Formosa to Japan (Routledge, 2017).

Sojin Lim, PhD (2011), University of Manchester, is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at University of Central Lancashire. She has published research on Korea, including Aid Modalities Determinants: South Korea Triangular Cooperation and Implication towards North Korea (North Korean Review, 2019).
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1 Introduction
Comparing Taiwan and Korea
  J. Bruce Jacobs

2 Korean Colonial Cosmopolitanism
  Michael J. Seth

3 Taiwan in Transformation
The Japanese Colonial Era
  Evan Dawley

4 ROC-ROK International Fate
Decolonization, Democratization, and Pragmatism
  Moises de Souza and Fabricio A. Fonseca

5 Tzu-Chi and the ‘Moonies’
New Religious Movements in Taiwan and South Korea
  Niki J.P. Alsford and Nataša Visočnik

6 Park Geun-hye and Tsai Ing-wen
The First Female Presidents of South Korea and Taiwan
  Young-Im Lee

7 East Asian Area Studies Teaching Programmes in the United Kingdom
A Comparative Case Study of Korean Studies at the University of Central Lancashire and Taiwan Studies at SOAS, University of London
  Dafydd Fell and Sojin Lim


All interested in the interconnectivity of the Asia Pacific region and concerned with Korea and/or Taiwan.
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