Heirs of the Apostles

Studies on Arabic Christianity in Honor of Sidney H. Griffith


Heirs of the Apostles offers a panoramic survey of Arabic-speaking Christians—descendants of the Christian communities established in the Middle East by the apostles—and their history, religion, and culture in the early Islamic and medieval periods. The subjects range from Arabic translations of the Bible, to the status of Christians in the Muslim-governed lands, Muslim-Christian polemic, and Christian-Muslim and Christian-Jewish relations. The volume is offered as a Festschrift to Sidney H. Griffith, the doyen of Christian Arabic Studies in North America, on his eightieth birthday.

Contributors are: David Bertaina, Elie Dannaoui, Stephen Davis, Nathan P. Gibson, Cornelia Horn, Sandra Toenies Keating, Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala, Johannes Pahlitzsch, Andrew Platt, Thomas W. Ricks, Barbara Roggema, Harald Suermann, Mark N. Swanson, Shawqi Talia, Jack Tannous, David Thomas, Jennifer Tobkin, Alexander Treiger, Ronny Vollandt, Clare Wilde, and Jason Zaborowski.

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David Bertaina, Ph.D. (2007), Catholic University of America, is Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Springfield. His teaching expertise is on Late Antiquity and the Medieval Middle East and his research focuses on the history of Christian-Muslim encounters.

Sandra Keating, Ph.D. (2001), Catholic University of America, is Associate Professor at Providence College. She is the author of Defending the ‘People of Truth’ in the Early Islamic Period: The Christian Apologies of Abū Rā’iṭah (Brill 2006).

Mark N. Swanson, Doctor in Arabic and Islamic Studies (1992), PISAI, Rome, is professor of Christian-Muslim Studies and Interfaith Relations at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. His publications include The Coptic Papacy in Islamic Egypt (AUC Press 2010).

Alexander Treiger, Ph.D. (2008), Yale University, is Associate Professor at Dalhousie University. He is editor of the series Arabic Christianity: Texts and Studies (Brill) and co-editor of The Orthodox Church in the Arab World (700-1700): An Anthology of Sources (2014).
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Part 1 Arabic Language, Bible, and Qurʾān

An Arabic Christian Perspective on Monotheism in the Qurʾān: Elias of Nisibis’ Kitāb al-MajālisDavid Bertaina
From Multiplicity to Unification of the Arabic Biblical Text: a Reading of the Rūm Orthodox Projects for the Arabization and Printing of the Gospels during the Ottoman PeriodElie Dannaoui
Early Christian Arabic Translation Strategies (Matthew 11:20–30 in Codex Vat. Ar. 13)Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala
Flawed Biblical Translations into Arabic and How to Correct Them: a Copt and a Jew Study Saadiah’s TafsīrRonny Vollandt
The Utility of Christian Arabic Texts for Qurʾānic StudiesClare Wilde

Part 2 Arabic Christian Responses to Islam and Muslim Interpretations of Christianity

Apocalyptic Ecclesiology in Response to Early IslamCornelia B. Horn
The Rationality of Christian Doctrine: Abū Rāʾiṭa al-Takrītī’s Philosophical Response to IslamSandra Toenies Keating
The Doctrine of the Incarnation in Dialogue with Islam: Four Lines of ArgumentationThomas W. Ricks
Muslim Views of the Cross as a Symbol of the Christian FaithShawqi Talia
The Doctrine of the Trinity in Early Islam: Misperceptions and MisrepresentationsDavid Thomas

Part 3 Arabic Christianity in the Medieval Islamic World

Byzantine Monasticism and the Holy Land: Palestine in Byzantine Hagiography of the 11th and 12th CenturiesJohannes Pahlitzsch
Inquiring of “Beelzebub”: Timothy and al-Jāḥiẓ on Christians in the ʿAbbāsid Legal SystemAndrew Platt and Nathan P. Gibson
The Church and the Mosque in Wisdom’s Shade: on the Story of “Alexander and the Hermit Prince”Mark Swanson
Revisiting Cheikho’s Assessment of Abū Tammām’s Christian OriginsJennifer Tobkin
Paul of Antioch’s Responses to a Muslim SheikhAlexander Treiger

Part 4 Manuscript Discoveries

Evagrius Ponticus at the Monastery of the Syrians: Newly Documented Evidence for an Arabic Reception HistoryStephen J. Davis
Christian-Muslim-Jewish Relations in Patristic Literature: the Arabic Questions and Answers of Basil and GregoryBarbara Roggema
A Fragment of a Christian-Muslim Disputation “in the Style of Abū Rāʾiṭa and ʿĪsā ibn Zurʿa” (Gotha ar. 2882, fols. 16r–24v): a ReassessmentHarald Suermann
A Greco-Arabic Palimpsest from the Sinai New Finds: Some Preliminary ObservationsJack Tannous
An Arabic Manuscript of the Visions of Anba Shenouda: Edition and TranslationJason R. Zaborowski
All interested in the Arabic Christian communities in the Middle East, history of the Middle East, Church history, and Christian-Muslim relations.
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