Medicine and Maladies

Representing Affliction in Nineteenth-Century France


Volume Editor:
Medicine and Maladies explores the aesthetic, medical, and socio-political contexts that informed depictions of illness and disease in nineteenth-century France. Eleven essays by specialists in nineteenth-century French literature and visual culture probe the acts of writing, reading, and viewing corporeal afflictions across the works of medical practitioners, surgeons, pharmacists, novelists, and artists. Tracing scientific discourse in literary narratives and signalling references to fiction in medical texts, the contributions to this interdisciplinary volume invite us to rethink the relationship between the humanities and the medical sciences.

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Sophie Leroy is an Early Career Researcher in French Studies. She has worked as a Teaching Fellow in French at the University of Bristol. Her research interests include the cultures and histories of French geographical sciences and imaginations, and nineteenth-century French literature and visual culture.
All interested in nineteenth-century France, as well as anyone concerned with the broader themes of science and literature, medicine and visual culture, and the history of medical practice and medical discourse.
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