European Climate Diplomacy in the USA and China

Embassy Narratives and Coalitions


Buchmann analyses the work of UK, German, Danish and Swedish embassies in the USA and China on climate change in the late 2000s and early 2010s. She relates which coalitions and narratives embassies sought to develop to convince China and the United States that a more progressive climate policy was possible, to achieve gains supporting an agreement under the UNFCCC. This book shows that a key interpretation of climate diplomacy was selling/trade: Europe selling technology “solutions” to solve climate change. In this narrative, Europe has already done what needs to be done and outsourcing of production to China e.g. is ignored. In the USA, embassies entered coalitions with states, faith groups and the military, arguing that a more progressive climate policy was mandated by either God or security concerns. State politicians, including Democrats, often actually didn’t implement any climate policies. Any gains were reversed through climate denial lobbying funded by corporations. Embassies did not address this.

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Katrin Buchmann has a PhD in Politics and International Studies from the University of Cambridge. She currently works on renewable energy in East Africa.
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CHAPTER 1 Introduction

CHAPTER 2 Climate Change and Diplomacy

CHAPTER 3 Ministerial structures impacting climate diplomacy

CHAPTER 4 European climate diplomacy in China

CHAPTER 5 USA federal level

CHAPTER 6 Subnational climate diplomacy in the USA

CHAPTER 7 What happened next – the journey since

CHAPTER 8 Conclusion - Diplomacy under hegemony: Example narratives


All interested in diplomacy, embassies, climate diplomacy, economic diplomacy, public diplomacy, climate policy, renewal energy policy, and the UN climate negotiations.
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