A Grammar of Akkadian (Third Edition)


In the third edition of A Grammar of Akkadian, changes have been made in the section on the nom­i­n­al morpheme -ån (§20.2) and the sections on the meaning of the D stem (§24.3) and the Gt stem (§33.1(b)); these revisions reflect recent scholarship in Akkadian grammar. Other changes include minor revisions in wording in the presentation of the grammar in a few other sections; a number of new notes to some of the readings; additions to the glosses of a small number of words in the lesson vocabularies (and the Glossary and English–Akkadian word list); and updates of the resources available for the study of Akkadian, and of the bibliography. A new appendix (F) has been added, giving Hebrew and other Semitic cognates of the Akkadian words in the lesson vocabularies. The pagination of the first and second editions has for the most part been retained, apart from the insertion of the new appendix and a few minor deviations elsewhere.

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Preliminary Material
Pages: i–xlii
Lesson One
Pages: 1–5
Lesson Two
Pages: 6–14
Lesson Three
Pages: 15–23
Lesson Four
Pages: 24–31
Lesson Five
Pages: 32–37
Lesson Six
Pages: 38–44
Lesson Seven
Pages: 45–53
Lesson Eight
Pages: 54–66
Lesson Nine
Pages: 67–77
Lesson Ten
Pages: 78–83
Lesson Eleven
Pages: 84–95
Lesson Twelve
Pages: 96–105
Lesson Thirteen
Pages: 106–120
Lesson Fourteen
Pages: 121–131
Lesson Fifteen
Pages: 132–141
Lesson Sixteen
Pages: 142–154
Lesson Seventeen
Pages: 155–167
Lesson Eighteen
Pages: 168–181
Lesson Nineteen
Pages: 182–194
Lesson Twenty
Pages: 195–204
Lesson Twenty-One
Pages: 205–218
Lesson Twenty-Two
Pages: 219–233
Lesson Twenty-Three
Pages: 234–251
Lesson Twenty-Four
Pages: 252–269
Lesson Twenty-Five
Pages: 270–281
Lesson Twenty-Six
Pages: 282–296
Lesson Twenty-Seven
Pages: 297–308
Lesson Twenty-Eight
Pages: 309–322
Lesson Twenty-Nine
Pages: 323–336
Lesson Thirty
Pages: 337–357
Lesson Thirty-One
Pages: 358–375
Lesson Thirty-Two
Pages: 376–389
Lesson Thirty-Three
Pages: 390–408
Lesson Thirty-Four
Pages: 409–421
Lesson Thirty-Five
Pages: 422–432
Lesson Thirty-Six
Pages: 433–449
Lesson Thirty-Seven
Pages: 450–459
Lesson Thirty-Eight
Pages: 460–474
Supplementary Reading
Pages: 475–484
Sign List
Pages: 563–574
Pages: 617–650
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