Key to a Grammar of Akkadian (Third Edition)


Professor Huehnergard's key to his extensive Akkadian Grammar will be welcomed by teacher and student alike. Please note that this third edition of the key is a revision that complements the third edition of the Grammar, incorporating a number of corrections.

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Lesson One
Pages: 1
Lesson Two
Pages: 2
Lesson Three
Pages: 3–4
Lesson Four
Pages: 5–6
Lesson Five
Pages: 7
Lesson Six
Pages: 8–9
Lesson Seven
Pages: 10–11
Lesson Eight
Pages: 12–13
Lesson Nine
Pages: 14–15
Lesson Ten
Pages: 16–17
Lesson Eleven
Pages: 18–19
Lesson Twelve
Pages: 20–21
Lesson Thirteen
Pages: 22–23
Lesson Fourteen
Pages: 24–26
Lesson Fifteen
Pages: 27–29
Lesson Sixteen
Pages: 30–32
Lesson Seventeen
Pages: 33–35
Lesson Eighteen
Pages: 36–39
Lesson Nineteen
Pages: 40–42
Lesson Twenty
Pages: 43–45
Lesson Twenty-One
Pages: 46–48
Lesson Twenty-Two
Pages: 49–52
Lesson Twenty-Three
Pages: 53–57
Lesson Twenty-Four
Pages: 58–62
Lesson Twenty-Five
Pages: 63–66
Lesson Twenty-Six
Pages: 67–71
Lesson Twenty-Seven
Pages: 72–75
Lesson Twenty-Eight
Pages: 76–80
Lesson Twenty-Nine
Pages: 81–86
Lesson Thirty
Pages: 87–92
Lesson Thirty-One
Pages: 93–98
Lesson Thirty-Two
Pages: 99–104
Lesson Thirty-Three
Pages: 105–111
Lesson Thirty-Four
Pages: 112–116
Lesson Thirty-Five
Pages: 117–121
Lesson Thirty-Six
Pages: 122–128
Lesson Thirty-Seven
Pages: 129–133
Lesson Thirty-Eight
Pages: 134–137
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