Syria 1975/76-2018


Editors: Anthony Axon and Susan Hewitt
The first of a new series, the Contemporary Archive of the Islamic World, this title draws on the resources of World of Information, a British publisher that since 1975 has published analyses of the politics and economics of all the Middle East countries.

For decades Syria lay at the heart of Middle Eastern affairs. Under Assad rulers, and sharing a border with Israel, Syria’s fortunes have been complex. Strategic alliances were formed and fell apart. Domestic rebellions were quelled, often violently. Since 2011, Syria has been in the world’s headlines every day, riven by a civil war that has risked bringing the world’s major powers into open conflict.

The CAIW provides an essential background to a complex international problem.
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Biographical Note

Anthony Axon, M.A. (Cantab) joined The Economist in 1967 to work on a Latin American Edition. He subsequently worked for the publishing division of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg before launching World of Information in 1973 in Cambridge, UK.

Susan Hewitt first worked in publishing in 1963 in Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia (which became Zambia on independence in 1964). She worked with Gemini News Service soon after it launched in 1967 and then African Development Magazine. She joined World of Information in 1974.


All interested in contemporary Syrian history, its economics and politics; graduate and post graduate students, libraries, research institutes, government departments, diplomats, NGO’s.


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