The Materiality of Texts from Ancient Egypt

New Approaches to the Study of Textual Material from the Early Pharaonic to the Late Antique Period


The volume The Materiality of Texts from Ancient Egypt contains nine contributions from well-known papyrologists, Egyptologists, archaeologists and technical specialists. They discuss the materiality of ancient writing and writing supports in various ways through methodological considerations and through practical case studies from the early Pharaonic to the Late Antique periods in Egypt, including Greek and Egyptian papyri and ostraca, inscriptions and graffiti.
The articles in this volume present new approaches to the study of textual material and scribal practice, especially in the light of the ongoing development of digital techniques that uncover new information from ancient writing materials. The aim of the book is to encourage researchers of ancient texts to consider the benefits of using these new methods and technological resources.

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Francisca Hoogendijk, MA in Classical Languages and Culture (1980) and PhD in Greek Papyrology (2008), both Leiden University, is University Lecturer in Greek Papyrology at the Leiden Papyrological Institute. She has published Greek papyri from different collections and co-ordinates the on-going Berichtigungsliste der Griechischen Papyrusurkunden aus Ägypten.

Steffie M. T. van Gompel, ResMA in Egyptology (2012), Leiden University, conducts research on demotic marriage settlements as a PhD student at the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies.
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1 The Material Authority of Written Texts in Pharaonic Egypt
Christopher Eyre

2 The Platypus Paradox: An Archaeological Approach to Ancient Egyptian Writing Practices
Massimiliano S. Pinarello

3 Telling Them by Their Hands: What Palaeography Has to Offer Prosopography
Rodney Ast

4 The Body of the King and of the Goddess: Materiality in and through Manuals for Pharaoh from Tebtunis
Susanne Töpfer

5 Material Matters: Documentary Papyri and Ostraca in Late Ramesside Thebes
Ben Haring

6 Writing on Ostraca: Considerations of Material Aspects
Julia Lougovaya

7 Ceramic Supports and Their Relation to Texts in Two Groups of Ostraca from the Fayum
Clementina Caputo and James M.S. Cowey

8 Evolving Epigraphic Standards in the Field: Documenting Late Period and Graeco-Roman Egyptian Graffiti through Photogrammetry at Elkab
Luigi Prada and Paul D. Wordsworth

9 Revealing the Material World of Ancient Writing: Digital Techniques and Theoretical Considerations
Kathryn E. Piquette


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All those interested in Hieratic, Demotic and Greek Papyrology, Egyptology, and in new digital and photographical resources for studying textual material.
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