Past and Present: Perspectives on Gender and Love

This volume was first published by Inter-Disciplinary Press in 2015.

How do humans conceive of, enact, embody, perform, control, commodify, proscribe and portray love and gender? How are our bodies, our identities, our beliefs, our representations of ourselves affected by love and gender – or perceptions of love and gender? What don’t we know? What don’t we talk about? Why? Have answers to all these questions changed over time? Across cultures?

These and many other questions lie at the heart of this volume on the changing natures and intertwining of gender and love. Its contents encompass concepts of love within and of the self, in families and between specific family members, in sexual and intimate relationships, in spiritual practice, in communities, and seen through many different lenses and from a range of disciplines and approaches. Readers may be left with more questions than answers: we certainly hope so.

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Kelly Gardiner is a writer and educator, and the author of seven books. She teaches creative writing at La Trobe University, and digital literacy at the State Library of Victoria, Australia.

Sina V. Pfister is a Masters student in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies, at Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Her research includes ethnographic fieldwork in India and Chile.
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