Filipino American Transnational Activism

Diasporic Politics among the Second Generation


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Filipino American Transnational Activism: Diasporic Politics among the Second Generation offers an account of how Filipinos born or raised in the United States often defy the multiple assimilationist agendas that attempt to shape their understandings of themselves. Despite conditions that might lead them to reject any kind of relationship to the Philippines in favor of a deep rootedness in the United States, many forge linkages to the “homeland” and are actively engaged in activism and social movements transnationally. Though it may well be true that most Filipino Americans have an ambivalent relationship to the Philippines, many of the chapters of this book show that other possibilities for belonging and imaginaries of “home” are being crafted and pursued.

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Robyn Magalit Rodriguez is Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis and Founding Director of the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies. She publishes widely on the Filipino migration, including Migrants for Export (U. Minnesota Press, 2010).
 Notes on Contributors
Robyn Magalit Rodriguez
 1 Being Filipino without the Philippines: Second-Generation Filipino American Ethnic Identification
Armand Gutierrez
 2 Bayan Ko (My Country): The KDP and a Diasporic Vision of Filipino American Activism, 1972–1981
Joy N. Sales
 3 The Philippines Information Bulletin and the Transnational Anti-Marcos Press
Mark John Sanchez
 4 Artist as Citizen: Transnational Cultural Work in the National Democratic Movement of the Philippines
Ryan Leano
 5 “Centerwomen” and the “Fourth Shift”: Revolutionary Intimacies and a Study of Best Practices, 1972–1992
Karen Buenavista Hanna
 6 Painting the Picture: Habi Arts and Collective Mural Making in the Los Angeles Area
Darlene Marie “Daya” Mortel Edouard
 7 The Intertextuality of Triumphant Diaspora Return: Readings the Novels of R. Zamora Linmark
L. Joyce Zapanta Mariano
 8 Transpacific Freedom Dreams: The Radical Legacy of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes
Michael Schulze-Oechtering CastanedaandWayne Jopanda
Readers interested in the experience of second- and later generation Filipino-Americans particularly how their identities, politics and activism are oriented towards the Philippines.
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