Christian Origins and the Establishment of the Early Jesus Movement


Christian Origins and the Establishment of the Early Jesus Movement explores the events, people, and writings surrounding the founding of the early Jesus movement in the mid to late first century. The essays are divided into four parts, focused upon the movement’s formation, the production of its early Gospels, description of the Jesus movement itself, and the Jewish mission and its literature. This collection of essays includes chapters by a global cast of scholars from a variety of methodological and critical viewpoints, and continues the important Early Christianity in its Hellenistic Context series.

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Stanley E. Porter, Ph.D. (1988), University of Sheffield, is President, Dean, and Professor of New Testament at McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is the author of nearly thirty books and the editor of over eighty volumes.

Andrew W. Pitts, Ph.D. (2014), McMaster Divinity College, is Assistant Professor of New Testament at Arizona Christian University, Phoenix, USA. He is working on a monograph on Greco-Roman historiography and the Gospels.

Contributors are: Warren Carter, John DelHousaye, Hans Förster, Christoph Heilig, Catherine Hezser, Matthew Jensen, F. Stanley Jones, Mark Keown, Mike Licona, Darian Lockett, Matthew R. Malcolm, Stephen J. Patterson, Nicholas Perrin, Andrew W. Pitts, Stanley E. Porter,
E. Randolph Richards, Susan Rieske, Sarah E. Rollens, Judith Stack-Nelson, Beth M. Stovell, Steven Thompson, Adam Winn, Adam Z. Wright
This volume would be of interest to a wide variety of New Testament scholars, and in particular those interested in the development of the early Jesus movement.
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