The Future of International Competition Law Enforcement

An Assessment of the EU’s Cooperation Efforts


While forces of globalization have created a genuine global marketplace, global rules safeguarding the competitive process in this marketplace have not emerged. International cooperation among national regulators and enforcers is therefore needed to create a competitive global business-environment. The Future of International Competition Law Enforcement, using the variety of legal instruments available to the EU as a point of departure, undertakes an original assessment of the EU's cooperation agreements in the field of competition law The work’s focus is on the bilateral sphere, often labelled as a mere 'interim-solution' awaiting a global agreement; further attention is given to competition provisions in free trade agreements as well as the main multilateral initiatives in this field, in order to determine their relative value.

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Valerie Demedts (PhD Ghent University 2017), currently works as a case handler at the Belgian Competition Authority. She has published many articles relating to international cooperation in competition law enforcement sensu lato


All looking for comprehensive insight in the problems surrounding international competition law enforcement, as well as potential solutions. This applies to institutes, academic libraries, specialists, students, and practitioners


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