The Influence of Ezekiel in the Fourth Gospel

Intertextuality and Interpretation


This monograph presents important research regarding the Fourth Gospel’s use of Scripture, specifically the book of Ezekiel. It provides the first detailed comparison of the theological vocabularies of the two works, identifying intertextual links and themes. This is a major update and expansion of the doctoral dissertation of William Fowler from 1995 ("The Influence of Ezekiel in the Fourth Gospel", PhD diss. Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary).

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William Fowler is Professor of Biblical Studies at Yellowstone Theological Institute in Bozeman, Montana. He has also taught at Howard Payne University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wayland Baptist University, and Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Michael Strickland is Director of Graduate Studies and Professor of Theology at Amridge University in Montgomery, Alabama. He has co-authored, with David M. Young, The Rhetoric of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark (2017), and has also authored The Evangelicals and the Synoptic Problem (2014), as well as publishing articles in journals such as Tyndale Bulletin, Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Journal of Early Christian History, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, and many others.

1 Introduction
 1 In Search of the Background to the Fourth Gospel
 2 Intertextuality and Interpretation
 3 The Johannine Community and Ezekiel
 4 Prior Research into the Inter-relatedness of Ezekiel and the Fourth Gospel
 5 Critical Issues
 6 Methodology
 7 Presentation

2 The Theological Vocabularies of John and Ezekiel
 1 Words Used by John Fifty Times or More
 2 Words Used in the “I Am” Sayings
 3 Other Significant Words and Phrases
 4 Conclusions

3 Primary Points of Contact
 1 The New Temple
 2 Rivers of Living Water
 3 The Good Shepherd
 4 The Resurrection

4 Secondary Points of Contact
 1 Born of Water and Spirit
 2 Son of Man
 3 Paraclete
 4 “Die in Your Sins”
 5 “I Have Glorified It” [My Name]
 6 The Christ Remains Forever
 7 I Will Do It
 8 The True Vine
 9 The One Hundred Fifty-Three Fish
 10 Conclusion

5 Conclusion
 1 Hays’ Criteria and Evidence of Intertextuality
 2 Conclusions Regarding Influence
 3 Value for Interpretation
 Books and Commentaries
 Articles and Essays
 Unpublished Works
Index of Subjects and Modern Authors
Index of Scripture and Other Ancient Writings
This is an important resource for the academic and/or educated bible reader.
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