Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism and Global Culture


Gathering scholars from five continents, this edited book displaces the elitist image of cosmopolitan as well as the blame addressed to aesthetic cosmopolitanism often considered as merely cosmetic. By considering aesthetic cosmopolitanism as a tool to understand how individuals and social groups appropriate the sphere of culture in a global world, the authors are concerned with its operationalization on two strongly interwoven levels, macro and micro, structural and individual. Based on the discussion of theoretical perspectives and empirically grounded research (qualitative and quantitative, conducted in many countries), this volume unveils new insights, on tourism and food, architecture and museums, TV series and movies, rock, K-pop and samba, by providing resources for making sense of aesthetic preferences in a global perspective. Contributors are: Felicia Chan, Vincenzo Cicchelli, Talitha Alessandra Ferreira, Paula Iadevito, Sukhmani Khorana, Anne Krebs, Antoinette Kujilaars, Franck Mermier, Sylvie Octobre, Joana Pellerano, Rosario Radakovich, Motti Regev, Viviane Riegel, Clara Rodriguez, Leslie Sklair, Yi-Ping Eva Shi, Claire Thoumelin and Dario Verderame.

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Biographical Note

Vincenzo Cicchelli is an associate professor at University Paris Descartes. At Brill, he is co-Editor-in-Chief (with Sylvie Octobre) of the ‘Global Youth Studies’ suite. He has published (with Sylvie Octobre) Aesthetico-Cultural Cosmopolitanism and French Youth (2018) and Plural and Shared (2018).

Sylvie Octobre is researcher at DEPS/Ministère de la culture (France), co-Editor-in-Chief (with Vincenzo Cicchelli) of the ‘Global Youth Studies’ suite (Brill). Among her last books: Quién teme a las culturas juveniles ? (2019), Aesthetico-Cultural Cosmopolitanism and French Youth (2018, with Vincenzo Cicchelli).

Viviane Riegel is a researcher of Global and Consumption Studies at ESPM São Paulo. She has published monographs and articles on cosmopolitanism, consumption and mobilities, regarding Brazilian youth and migrant individuals living in São Paulo and in London.


Many aspects of the text may appeal to a wide range of readers–cultural and global scholars, students engaged in debates on representations of global studies, cosmopolitanism, cultural studies, aesthetics and comparative research.

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