Activists under 30

Global Youth, Social Justice, and Good Work


This unique book is divided into two sections. The first section highlights specific international youth activists, their biographies, work, and accomplishments. The second section is a collection of work by youth, who address their own activism, goals, identities, and needs. Commentaries by teachers, community workers, and facilitators compliment the entries, creating a unique, intergenerational and multi-faceted volume.

The book will serve to fill a gap in teacher education, highlighting and listening to youth, themselves, who, the editor, contends, should be intimately involved in their own education and futures. A new model for teacher education, this book allows teachers to understand that youth must have, and demand, a voice in the determination of their lives and futures. Previous work with youth tends to “deal with them” as a problem to be solved, a group to be managed. This book insists that youth are viable citizens and create a voice which is heard internationally.

Activists under 30 is the first book of its kind, to be addressed to youth, teachers, parents, and activists. It reminds us that youth are our most valuable resource, and insists we incorporate them, invite them, and listen to them.

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Shirley R. Steinberg is an internationally known scholar, activist, and author. She is the founder of, an on-line community devoted to Critical Cultural Community, Youth, and Media Activism. Her work is grounded in a critical pedagogical approach to social justice, equity, and human rights.
Introduction: Effecting Change, Making a Difference—Celebrating Youth Activism
Shirley R. Steinberg

Part 1: Global Youth Activists

1 Abdel Rahman Alzorgan, Jordan: Saving Water in Jordan
Revital Zilonka
2 Anoka Primrose Abeyrathne, Sri Lanka: The Generous Tree of Sri Lanka
Revital Zilonka
3 Charlene Carruthers, US: African American Youth Activist
Venus Evans-Winters
4 Luis Fernando Cruz, US: Activist for Differently Abled People
Laura Mooney
Interlude 1: Freedom
Shannon Patrick Garrett, Jr.
5 Tavi Gevinson, US: Empowerment of Teenage Girls
Miranda Campbell
6 Elba Hernandez, Guatamala: Let Girls Lead
Lara Forsberg
7 Celia Ho, China: The Elephant Girl
Tanya Merriman
Interlude 2: Uncertainty
Sarah Thirkell
8 Natividad Llanquileo, Chile: Speaking for Indigenous Political Prisoners
Fernanda Soler-Urzúa & Michelle Harazny
9 Dylan Mahlingham, US: Social Enterprise and Web-Based Relief Initiatives
Shirine Aouad
10 Kamilia Manaf, Indonesia: LGBTTIQ Rights Activism
Rima Arthar
11 Tamer Shaaban, Saudi Arabia/Egypt: Human Rights Activism
Hala Kamaliddin
12 Natsuno Shinagawa, Japan: Raising Awareness and Getting Involved
Paul Chamness Miller
13 Specs & Veil, Canada: Film & Media Activism
Kayf Abdulqadir, Fartousa Siyad, & Diane Watt
14 Matthew “Creeazn” Wood, Cree: First Nations Activism
Diana Pearson & Shima Robinson

Part 2: Youth Voices

15 Notes on Part 2
Michael Holden
16 Occasion for Hope
Sharon Friesen
17 Ten Hearts, One Thought: The Rant and Relate Team
Asbah, Shivom, Simerta, Reeana, Sanjeevani, Sadia, Divjot, Puneet, & Avreet
18 Brunch Buddies: A Time for Students to Build Positive Cross-grade Relationships
Bridgette, Ian, McKinley, Owen, Angela, Ethan, Michelle, & Peyton
19 Nelson Mandela High School and the #MandelaCares Project
Laiba, Mariam, Hadia, Mansi, Jenny, Ms. Martin, Mr. Chee, & Mr. Sagriotis
20 The Future Will Be Found in Walking Together
Sameer Harris & Alix Esterhuizen
21 It
Maxwell Starko
22 Dear People My Age
Andreea Alexandra Duica
23 “We Have to Listen to Our Kids, and Understand Where They’re Coming From”
Interview with Karsen Black Water, & Shane Wells
24 “We’ve Been Here, and We’re Still Here, and We’re Still Going to Be Here for Thousands of Years”
Interview with Students of Kanai High School: Karsen Black Water, Carley Shot Both Sides, Jordan Weasel Head, Keyshaun Mountain Horse, Kiara Blood, & Shane Wells

Afterword: My Story
Assmaa Yassin
Teachers, students, professors, junior and high school libraries, graduate students, undergraduate students, activist organizations. Subjects: teacher education, creative writing, social studies.
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