The Making of Medieval Sardinia


This landmark volume combines classic and revisionist essays to explore the historiography of Sardinia’s exceptional transition from an island of the Byzantine empire to the rise of its own autonomous rulers, the iudikes, by the 1000s.
In addition to Sardinia’s contacts with the Byzantines, Muslim North Africa and Spain, Lombard Italy, Genoa, Pisa, and the papacy, recent and older evidence is analysed through Latin, Greek and Arabic sources, vernacular charters and cartularies, the testimony of coinage, seals, onomastics and epigraphy as well as the Sardinia’s early medieval churches, arts, architecture and archaeology. The result is an important new critique of state formation at the margins of Byzantium, Islam, and the Latin West with the creation of lasting cultural, political and linguistic frontiers in the western Mediterranean.

Contributors are Hervin Fernández-Aceves, Luciano Gallinari, Rossana Martorelli, Attilio Mastino, Alex Metcalfe, Marco Muresu, Michele Orrù, Andrea Pala, Giulio Paulis, Giovanni Strinna, Alberto Virdis, Maurizio Virdis, and Corrado Zedda.

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Alex Metcalfe is Senior Lecturer in History at Lancaster University. He has published a number of works exploring the political, religious, social, and linguistic history of the medieval Mediterranean, including I Musulmani dell’Italia medievale (Palermo, 2019).
Hervin Fernández-Aceves is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Lancaster University. He has published works investigating aristocratic power, prosopography, digital humanities, and the socio-political history of the medieval Mediterranean, including his monograph County and Nobility in Norman Italy (London, 2020).
Marco Muresu is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Lancaster University. In addition to numerous articles on the archaeology of Sardinia, he has published an award-winning monograph on its Byzantine coinage and metal artefacts, La moneta “indicatore” dell'assetto insediativo della Sardegna bizantina (secoli VI-XI) (Perugia, 2018).
The volume will appeal to scholars, students, and the wider interested public wishing to engage with Sardinia’s history, art, archaeology, language, and culture in the fascinating setting of the medieval Mediterranean.
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