Byzantium in Dialogue with the Mediterranean

History and Heritage


In thirteen contributions, Byzantium in Dialogue with the Mediterranean. History and Heritage shows that throughout the centuries of its existence, Byzantium continuously communicated with other cultures and societies on the European continent, as well as North Africa and in the East. In this volume, ‘History’ represents not only the chronological, geographical and narrative background of the historical reality of Byzantium, but it also stands for an all-inclusive scholarly approach to the Byzantine world that transcends the boundaries of traditionally separate disciplines such as history, art history or archaeology. The second notion, ‘Heritage’, refers to both material remains and immaterial traditions, and traces that have survived or have been appropriated.
Contributors are Hans Bloemsma, Elena Boeck, Averil Cameron, Elsa Fernandes Cardoso, Cristian Caselli, Evangelos Chrysos, Konstantinos Chryssogelos, Penelope Mougoyianni, Daphne Penna, Marko Petrak, Matthew Savage, Daniëlle Slootjes, Karen Stock, Alex Rodriguez Suarez and Mariëtte Verhoeven.

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Daniëlle Slootjes, Ph.D. (2004), Chapel Hill, is associate professor of Ancient History at the Institute of Historical, Literary, and Cultural Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen. She has published extensively on late antique Roman administration, geography, the history of early Christianity and crowd behavior in the period of Late Antiquity and the Byzantine Empire.
Mariëtte Verhoeven, Ph.D. (2010), Radboud University Nijmegen, is postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen. Her research focuses on the cultural history of early Christian and Byzantine architecture. She has published on Ravenna, Jerusalem and Istanbul.
"De interdisciplinaire aanpak van deze prachtige publicatie garandeert de originaliteit en de hoge kwaliteit van het boek. [...] De kwaliteit van de bijdragen is overduidelijk; de artikelen bieden een mooi panorama, ook al behandelen ze uiteenlopende themata. [...] Het boek is erg verzorgd uitgegeven, met haast geen tikfouten. De kwaliteit van de illustraties, waarvan vele in kleur, is exemplarisch. [...] Het gaat hier kortom om een publicatie die de Nederlandse byzantinistiek alle eer aandoet." (Tr. ‘The interdisciplinary approach of this splendid publication guarantees its originality and high quality.. The quality of the contributions is clear; the articles offer a fine panorama, even though they cover different themes… The book has been published with great care… In short, this publication does great honour to Dutch Byzantine Studies.’) Peter van Deun, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, Volume 133, Number 1, June 2020, pp. 128-30.
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Introduction: Byzantium in Dialoguey
Daniëlle Slootjes and Mariëtte Verhoeven
Introduction: Byzantinists and Others
Averil Cameron
1 Rome and Constantinople in Confrontation: the Quarrel over the Validity of Photius’s Ordination
Evangelos Chrysos
2 The Byzantine Emperor in Medieval Dalmatian Exultets
Marko Petrak
3 Building Heavenly Jerusalem: Thoughts on Imperial and Aristocratic Construction in Constantinople in the 9th and 10th Centuries
Matthew Savage
4 Politics and Diplomacy in the Mediterranean of the 10th Century: Al-Andalus and Byzantium
Elsa Fernandes Cardoso
5 Confrontation and Interchange between Byzantines and Normans in Southern Italy: the Cases of St Nicholas of Myra and St Nicholas the Pilgrim at the End of the 11th Century
Penelope Mougoyianni
6 Fantasy, Supremacy, Domes, and Dames: Charlemagne goes to Constantinople
Elena Boeck
7 Similar Problems, Similar Solutions?: Byzantine Chrysobulls and Crusader Charters on Legal Issues Regarding the Italian Maritime Republics
Daphne Penna
8 The Sebastokrator Isaac Komnenos: Manuel I’s Latinophile Uncle?
Alex Rodriguez Suarez
9 Byzantine Nearness and Renaissance Distance: the Meaning of Byzantining Modes in 14th-Century Italian Art
Hans Bloemsma
10 Interpreter, Diplomat, Humanist: Nicholas Sagundinus as a Cultural Broker in the 15th-Century Mediterranean
Cristian Caselli
11 Maurice Denis’s Mission: To Reveal the Continuity between Byzantinism and Modernism
Karen Stock
12 The Byzantine Heritage in Greek Cinema: the (Almost) Lone Case of Doxobus (1987)
Konstantinos Chryssogelos

All interested in the history and heritage of the Byzantine world.
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