The World in Movement

Performative Identities and Diasporas

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This book focuses on one of the main issues of our time in the Humanities and Social Sciences as it analyzes the impact of current global migrations on new forms of living together and the formation of identities and homes. Using a transdisciplinary and transcultural approach the contributions shed fresh light upon key concepts such as ‘hybrid-performative diaspora’, ‘transidentities’,‘ hospitality’, ‘belonging’, ‘emotion’, ‘body,’ and ‘desire’. Those concepts are discussed in the context of Cuban, US-American, Maghrebian, Moroccan, Spanish, Catalan, French, Turkish, Jewish, Argentinian, Indian, and Italian literatures, cultures and religions.

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Alfonso de Toro is professor emeritus of Romances Studies and director of the Ibero-American and Francophone Research Centres at Leipzig University and of the book series Transversalité (L’Harmattan), Theory and Critic of Literature and Culture, Theory and Praxis of the Theatre and Passages (Olms). Juliane Tauchnitz, Ph.D., Leipzig University, is research assistant for Francophone and Hispanophone literatures and cultures. She is co-director of the Francophone Research Center at Leipzig University and of the book series Transversalité (L’Harmattan) and Passages (Olms).
Notes on the Contributors Introduction 1 Nomadic Places Cultures and Literatures in Movement ‘Hybrid-Performative Diasporas’ in the Ibero-American-Maghrebian-Morrocan Literature and Culture: the Case of Najat El Hachmi Alfonso de Toro 2 The Diasporic Identity of the Roma People Marta Segarra 3 Epistemological Difficulties in the Development of Civic Identities in Western Education Zvi Bekerman 4 A Discourse of Resistance: Hybridization of Identity and Textuality in Tedio, by Natalio Ohanna Daniel Blaustein 5 Federalism and Diaspora: The Feeling of Belonging and the Diaspora Identity in the Subnational Level of the Country Mauricio Dimant 6 Jewbans in Miami. A Particular Case of Hybrid-Performative Diaspora Sarah Moldenhauer 7 The “Good Migrants”: Issues of Hospitality and Belonging with regard to Sikhs in Mediterranean Europe Pierre Gottschlich 8 Feelings of Threat as a Problem of Religious Identity within Religiously Diverse Societies Gert Pickel and Alexander Yendell 9 The Problem of Belonging in Nina Bouraoui’s Garçon manqué Annegret Richter 10 Diasporic Topographies of Remembrance in New Autobiographical Sephardic Writing Susanne Ritschel 11 Settling In: Migration and Place in Sema Kiliçkaya’s Le royaume sans racines Annedith Schneider 12 Identity Questions in El diablo de Yudis by Ahmed Daoudi Juliane Tauchnitz 13 Writing in Movement: A Poetics of Undecidability? Abderrahman Tenkoul 14 The Berber Cultural Movement in the Maghreb Contemporary Issues in Transnationalism Moha Ennaji 15 The Mara: A Diaspora Sui Generis? Heidrun Zinecker 16 Towards Modes of Shared Emotion: Revisiting the Iberian Diasporas’ Trauma Through the “Captive’s tale” (Don Quixote I, 37–41) Ruth Fine Index
The volume appeals to scholars from Social Sciences and Humanities as well as to think tanks, governmental and political institutions that are related to migration, diaspora and identity issues, as well as to processes of hospitality and belonging.
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