The Historical Roots of a Political Challenge


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Euroscepticism has become a political challenge of imposing size. The belief that the EU would continue, inexorably, to increase its responsibilities, its membership, and its credibility with the electorates of Europe seems like a pipedream. Almost every major European country now has a political party (whether of the left or right) that is openly opposed to the EU’s institutions and core policies. However, a political phenomenon on this scale did not spring up, mushroom-like, overnight. Sentiments, attitudes and political standpoints against the European Union have deep roots in the national histories of the various member states. This book assembles a group of scholars from across Europe to investigate the long-term origins and causes of Euroscepticism in an apposite range of EU countries.

Contributors are: Gabriele D'Ottavio, Kira Gartzou-Katsouyanni, Mark Gilbert, Adéla Gjuričová, Simona Guerra, Thorsten Borring Olesen, Daniele Pasquinucci, Emmanuelle Reungoat, Paul Taggart, Antonio Varsori, and Hans Vollaard.

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Mark Gilbert, Ph.D., Wales, is Professor of History and International Studies at the School for Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University. He is the author of European Integration. A Political History (Rowman and Littlefield, forthcoming 2020).

Daniele Pasquinucci, Ph.D., University of Pavia, is Professor of History of International Relations and Jean Monnet Chair at the Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences of the University of Siena. He has written extensively about the history of European integration.
Mark GilbertandDaniele Pasquinucci
 1 Euroscepticism and European Integration: A Historical Appraisal
Antonio Varsori
 2 Exploring the Long-Term and Short-Term Causes of Euroscepticism: The Roots of French Opposition to European Integration
Emmanuelle Reungoat
 3 Beyond Euroscepticism: Italian Criticism of European Integration
Daniele Pasquinucci
 4 Contesting Europe: German Opposition to European Integration in Historical Perspective
Gabriele D’Ottavio
 5 Dutch Europhilia: A Deviation from a Long-standing Eurosceptic Tradition?
Hans Vollaard
 6 The Intellectual Origins of Brexit: Enoch Powell, Douglas Jay and the British Dissenting Tradition
Mark Gilbert
 7 Danish Euroscepticism and Its Changing Faces/Phases, 1945–2018
Thorsten Borring Olesen
 8 Backdoor Colonialism or Anchor of Modernity? A Short History of Ideas about European Integration within the Greek Left
Kira Gartzou-Katsouyanni
 9 The Historical Roots of Euroscepticism in Poland
Simona Guerra
 10 The Scepticism of a Latecomer: Modern Czech Views of Europe
Adéla Gjuričová
 11 Failing the European Rorschach Test? European Integration and Euroscepticisms
Paul Taggart
The book aims at meeting the needs, on the one hand, of university professors, researchers and students (both under- and post-graduate) and, on the other hand, practitioners involved in EU affairs.
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