Beyond Grammaticalization and Discourse Markers

New Issues in the Study of Language Change


Beyond Grammaticalization and Discourse Markers offers a comprehensive account of the most promising new directions in the vast field of grammaticalization studies. From major theoretical issues to hardly addressed experimental questions, this volume explores new ways to expand, refine or even challenge current ideas on grammaticalization.
All contributions, written by leading experts in the fields of grammaticalization and discourse markers, explore issues such as: the impact of Construction Grammar into language change; cyclicity as a driving force of change; the importance of positions and discourse units as predictors of grammaticalization; a renewed way of thinking about philological considerations, or the role of Experimental Pragmatics for hypothesis checking.

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Salvador Pons Bordería is Full Professor of Spanish Linguistics at the University of Valencia, Spain. as founding member of the Val.Es.Co. Research Group, his main research interests focus on discourse markers, conversational analysis and grammaticalization studies.
Óscar Loureda Lamas is Full Professor of Spanish Linguistics and Vice-President of the University of Heidelberg. He is founder of the DPKog Research Group, one of the leading groups in Experimental Pragmatics with regard to discourse markers.

Contributors are: Margarita Borreguero Zuloaga, Ana Llopis Cardona, Elizabeth Closs Traugott, Ulrich Detges, Mar Garachana, David Gerards, Paul Gévaudan, Johannes Kabatek, Óscar Loureda, Piera Molinelli, Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen, Laura Nadal, Álvaro Octavio de Toledo, Salvador Pons Bordería, Inés Recio.
"To conclude, the volume constitutes a welcome addition to the literature on DMs and grammaticalization, discussing some theoretical aspects of both, but most of all providing a range of semantic reconstructions and insights into the sociolinguistic dynamics of grammatical change." - Bernd Heine, University of Cologne, in: Journal of Pragmatics 148 (2019), pp. 125-127
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1 IntroductionSalvador Pons Bordería
2 Modeling Language Change with Constructional NetworksElizabeth Closs Traugott
3 Cyclic Phenomena in the Evolution of Pragmatic Markers. Examples from RomanceMaj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen
4 The Historical Path of eso sí as a Contrastive ConnectiveAna Llopis Cardona
5 Grammaticalization, Distance, Immediacy and Discourse Traditions: The Case of Portuguese casoDavid Gerards and Johannes Kabatek
6 Paragdimaticalization through Formal Ressemblance: A History of the Reinforcer bien in Spanish Discourse MarkersÁlvaro Octavio de Toledo
7 New Challenges to the Theory of Grammaticalization. Evidence from the Rise of no obstante, no contrastante and no embarganteMar Garachana
8 The Evolution of Temporal Adverbs into Consecutive Connectives and the Role of Discourse Traditions: The Case of Italian allora and Spanish entoncesMargarita Borreguero Zuloaga
9 Different Sensitivity to Variation and Change: Italian Pragmatic Marker dai vs. Discourse Marker alloraPiera Molinelli
10 Insubordination, Abtoenung, and the Next Move in Interaction. Main-Clause-Initial puisque in FrenchUlrich Detges and Paul Gévaudan
11 Paths of Grammaticalization: Beyond the LP/RP DebateSalvador Pons Bordería
12 On Argumentative Relations in Spanish: Experimental Evidence on the Grammaticalization of Cause-Consequence Discourse MarkersInés Recio (), Laura Nadal and Óscar Loureda
All scholars interested in grammaticalization studies, and most scholars working on discourse markers, as well as master and graduate students.