Immigration, Racial and Ethnic Studies in 150 Years of Canada

Retrospects and Prospects


Editors: Shibao Guo and Lloyd Wong
Canada’s history, since its birth as a nation one hundred and fifty years ago, is one of immigration, nation-building, and contested racial and ethnic relations. In Immigration, Racial and Ethnic Studies in 150 Years of Canada: Retrospects and Prospects scholars provide a wide-ranging overview of this history with a core theme being one of enduring racial and ethnic conflict and inequality. The volume is organized around four themes where in each theme selected racial and ethnic issues are examined critically. Part 1 focuses on the history of Canadian immigration and nation-building while Part 2 looks at situating contemporary Canada in terms of the debates in the literature on ethnicity and race. Part 3 revisits specific racial and ethnic studies in Canada and finally in Part 4 a state-of-the-art is provided on immigration and racial and ethnic studies while providing prospects for the future.

Contributors are: Victor Armony, David Este, Augie Fleras, Peter R. Grant, Shibao Guo, Abdolmohammad Kazemipur, Anne-Marie Livingstone, Adina Madularea, Ayesha Mian Akram, Nilum Panesar, Yolande Pottie-Sherman, Paul Pritchard, Howard Ramos, Daniel W. Robertson, Vic Satzewich, Morton Weinfeld, Rima Wilkes, Lori Wilkinson, Elke Winter, Nelson Wiseman, Lloyd Wong, and Henry Yu.

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Shibao Guo is Professor in the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. His latest books include: Revisiting multiculturalism in Canada: Theories, policies and debates (Sense, 2015), Work, Learning and Transnational Migration (Routledge, 2016), and Spotlight on China: Chinese Education in the Globalized World (Sense, 2016). Currently he serves as president of Canadian Ethnic Studies Association.

Lloyd Wong is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Calgary. His latest books include Revisiting Multiculturalism in Canada (Sense, 2015) and Trans-Pacific Mobilities: The Chinese in Canada (UBC Press, 2017).
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1. Immigration, Racial and Ethnic Studies in 150 Years of Canada: An Introduction
Shibao Guo and Lloyd Wong

Part 1: History of Canadian Immigration and Nation-Building

2. Permanently Under Construction: Immigration and Canadian Nation-Building
Nelson Wiseman
3. Who Are We? When Are We?: A Migration History That Reframes Race, Ethnicity, and Immigrants at Canada’s 150
Henry Yu
4. African Canadians: “Still in Search of the Promised Land”
David Este
5. The Komagata through a Media Lens: Racial, Economic, and Political Threat in Newspaper Coverage of the 1914 Komagata Maru Affair
Nilum Panesar, Yolande Pottie-Sherman and Rima Wilkes

Part 2: Situating Contemporary Canada

6. A Demographic Overview of Ethnic Diversity in Canada
Lori Wilkinson
7. Black Families and Socio-Economic Inequalities in Canada
Anne-Marie Livingstone and Morton Weinfeld
8. Patterns of Integration, Identification and Participation among Latin American Immigrants in Canada
Victor Armony
9. What Do We Know about Research on Refugee Children and Youth Integration in Canada?
Paul Pritchard and Howard Ramos

Part 3: Revisiting Racial and Ethnic Studies in Canada

10. Quo Vadis Canada?: Tracing the Contours of Citizenship in a Multicultural Country
Elke Winter and Adina Madularea
11. Race and Racism by Pierre Van Den Berghe: A Fifty Year Retrospect
Augie Fleras
12. The Nature of Canadian Identity in the Context of Multiculturalism: A Social Psychological Perspective
Peter R. Grant and Daniel W. Robertson
13. Religion in Canadian Ethnic Landscape: The Muslim Factor
Abdol Mohammad Kazemipur
14. I Am Not a Problem, I Am Canadian: Exploring Canadian Muslim Women’s Experiences of “Being Canadian”
Ayesha Mian Akram

Part 4: Prospects

15. Canadian Exceptionalism: From a Society of Immigrants to an Immigration Society
Augie Fleras
16. The Future of Ethnic and Racial Studies
Vic Satzewich

Notes on Contributors
The readership includes scholars from a wide range of disciplines, educated laypersons, senior undergraduate students, and graduate students with interests in Canadian immigration and racial and ethnic relations both historically and in contemporary times.