Hans Kelsen and the Natural Law Tradition


Hans Kelsen and the Natural Law Tradition provides the first sustained examination of Hans Kelsen’s critical engagement, itself founded upon a distinctive theory of legal positivism, with the Natural Law Tradition. This edited collection commences with a comprehensive introduction which establishes the character of Kelsen’s critical engagement as a general critique of natural law combined with a more specific critique of representative thinkers of the Natural Law Tradition. The subsequent chapters are then devoted to a detailed analysis of Kelsen’s engagement with prominent theorists from the Natural Law Tradition. The volume concludes with an exploration, focusing upon the delineation of a non-positivist legal theory in the debate between Robert Alexy and Joseph Raz, of the continued presence of Kelsenian legal positivism in contemporary legal theory.

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Peter Langford, Department of Law and Criminology, Edge Hill University, UK.
Ian Bryan, Law School, University of Lancaster, UK.
John McGarry, Department of Law and Criminology, Edge Hill University, UK.
Notes on Contributors

Introduction: The Kelsenian Critique of Natural Law
Peter Langford and Ian Bryan, with John McGarry>

Part 1: Aristotle, Dante and Kelsen

1 Kelsen’s Blind Spot for the Pluralism of Antiquity
Liesbeth Huppyes-Cluysenaer
2 To the Roots of the Universal Juridical Order: Hans Kelsen and the Staatslehre of Dante Alighieri
Maurizio Cau

Part II: Kelsen and Early Modern and Enlightenment Theories of Natural Law

3 Comments on the Kelsenian Idea of Natural Law in the Light of Althusius’ Theory of Law
Gaëlle Demelemestre
4 From Wolff to Kelsen: The Transformation of the Notion of Civitas Maxima
Peter Langford and Ian Bryan
5 Hans Kelsen and the Requirement of Self-determination: How the Austrian Jurist Takes Inspiration from Rousseau and How He Emancipates Himself from the Swiss Philosopher
Sandrine Baume
6 Kelsen versus Kant on The Nature of Law  Joachim Renzikowski
7 Grounding the Normativity of Law: The Role of Transcendental Argumentation in Kelsen’s Critique of Natural Law Theory
Ana Dimiškovska

Part III: Kelsen, Neo-Kantianism and Schmitt

8 Hans Kelsen and SouthWest German Neo-Kantianism on Natural Law: Transcendental Philosophy beyond Metaphysics and Positivism
Christian Krijnen
9 Hans Kelsen’s and Ernst Cassirer’s Conception of Natural Law
Pellegrino Favuzzi
10 Nomos or Law? Hans Kelsen’s Criticism of Carl Schmitt’s Metaphysics of Law and Politics
Gerhard Donhauser
11 The Trouble with Nature
Mariano Croce

Part IV: Kelsen’s Natural Law

12 Natural Law and the Vienna School: Hans Kelsen and Alfred Verdross, and Eric Voegelin
Franz Leander Fillafer and Johannes Feichtinger
13 Against Natural Law: The Political Implications of Kelsen’s Legal Positivism
Sara Lagi
14 Hans Kelsen and Leo Strauss on Naturrecht and the Post-theological Wager
Peter Gostmann

Conclusion: Beyond Legal Postivism and Natural Law?
Peter Langford and Ian Bryan, with John McGarry

This book will appeal to researchers, academics, scholars and jurists interested in such areas as legal science, law and morality, legal history, legality, legal normativity, constitutionalism and political philosophy.
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