Gregory of Nyssa: Contra Eunomium I

An English Translation with Supporting Studies


The Contra Eunomium is probably Gregory of Nyssa’s most challenging work with regards to his theological and philosophical thought, and one that continues to draw the deeper attention of contemporary scholars.
This volume devoted to Contra Eunomium I constitutes, in a certain way, a new version of the Proceedings of the 6th International Colloquium on Gregory of Nyssa (1988). It offers a revised English translation of Contra Eunomium I by S. G. Hall, accompanied by twenty-two supporting studies from a broad range of philological, philosophical, and theological perspectives. These studies include a selection of the most relevant papers of the 1988 Proceedings, supplemented with new contributions that explore relevant issues developed by contemporary research.

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Miguel Brugarolas, Ph.D. (2011) in Theology, (University of Navarra, Spain) is Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Navarra. He has published on Gregory of Nyssa’s Trinitarian theology and Christology.
'It is very good news that Brill’s trilogy of scholarship on Contra Eunomium has now been completed. [...] It also now includes (like the volumes on CE II and III) an English translation of Gregory’s work by Stuart George Hall. As in his translations of CE II and III, he is successful in his aim of writing ‘good modern English’ whilst reflecting Gregory’s ‘highly literary style’[.. ] There is much excellent bibliographical material added by the current editors in footnotes to the older studies in this volume.' - ROBIN ORTON, London, in: Journal of Theological Studies 70.2 (October 2019)
Preface List of Contributors

Part 1 Introduction

Der geschichtliche Hintergrund des ersten Buches Contra Eunomium Gregors von NyssaBasil Studer
L’ influence d’ Aèce sur Eunome est-elle repérable dans le Contre Eunome I de Grégoire de Nysse ?Raymond Winling
Gregory of Nyssa’s Letters 29 and 30 and the Contra EunomiumAnna Silvas

Part 2 Translation

Introduction to the TranslationStuart G. Hall
English Translation: Gregory of Nyssa Contra Eunomium IStuart G. Hall

Part 3 Supporting Studies

Das Vokabular des Eunomios im Kontext GregorsFriedhelm Mann
L’ aspect cosmologique de la philosophie d’ Eunome pour la réprise de l’ Hexaemeron basilien par Grégoire de NysseMichel van Esbroeck
Theurgic Neo-Platonism and the Eunomius-Gregory Debate: An Examination of the BackgroundPaulos Mar Gregorios
Sofística y verdad en el exordio del Contra Eunomium IJosé Luis Illanes
Dogmatics and Politics in Gregory of Nyssa: Monarchy, Democracy, Kingship, Tyranny & Anarchy in the Against EunomiusConstantine Bozinis
Zu den sprachphilosophischen Grundlagen in der Schrift Contra Eunomium des Gregor von NyssaTheo Kobusch
Die biblische Argumentation Gregors von Nyssa im ersten Buch Contra EunomiumHubertus R. Drobner
Logic and Application of Names to GodG. Christopher Stead
The Divine Simplicity: Contra Eunomium I 223–241Anthony Meredith
On Energeia in St Gregory of Nyssa’s Contra Eunomium ITorstein T. Tollefsen
The Created and the Uncreated in Gregory of Nyssa’s Contra Eunomium I 270–295 (GNO I 105–113)Alden A. Mosshammer
Divine Attributes and God’s Unity in the Contra Eunomium I of Gregory of NyssaMiguel Brugarolas
Trinitarian Theology in Gregory of Nyssa’s Contra Eunomium I: The Interplay between Ontology and ScriptureGiulio Maspero
Gott Vater nach dem ersten Buch gegen Eunomius des Gregor von NyssaLenka Karfíková
La distinction γεννητος/αγεννητος dans le Contra Eunomium IXavier Batllo
The σχέσις of the Father and of the Son in the Contra Eunomium IIlaria Vigorelli
La pneumatologie du Contra Eunomium IElias D. Moutsoulas
Christology and Soteriology in the Contra Eunomium ILucas F. Mateo-Seco
Fragments of Gregory of Nyssa’s Contra Eunomium in Syriac TranslationMartien F. Parmentier
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