The South-South Dialogue on Human Rights


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This volume contains a selection of the edited and in some cases translated papers presented at the first South-South Human Rights Forum held in Beijing. The conference was jointly sponsored by the State Council Information Office and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The event drew hundreds of participants, mainly scholars and government officials from developing countries and international organizations. Its main theme was “Building a Human Community with a Shared Future”, which built on a proposal launched by President Xi Jinping. The papers are mostly short and often policy-oriented, offering a unique insight into the thinking and planning associated with this South-South exchange and thus a wealth of information of interest to scholars. The topics covered emerge primarily from development-related issues, such as the rights to food, education, health and poverty reduction. Though much of the volume thus focuses on economic and social rights and the right to development, civil and political rights are also discussed in the context of the need for legal guarantees for the exercise of human rights and judicial protection of rights.

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Lu Guangjin, PhD, is the Secretary-General of the China Society for Human Rights Studies. He has published more than 10 books and dozens of articles on human rights.

Zhang Wei, International Law PhD (2008), Professor, is Co-Director of the Institute for Human Rights at China University of Political Science and Law. He has published monographs, translations and many articles on human rights.
Gudmundur Alfredsson & Zhang Wei
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1 South-South Human Rights Cooperation Has a Common Basis and Common Need
  LI Junru

2 South-South Inclusive Development and Realization of Human Rights
  María Soledad Pérez Tello

3 Chinese Proposal for Construction of New Mode of Global Governance in the New Era
  FU Zitang

4 Towards a New Southern Approach of Human Rights
  Lionel Vairon

5 The Contribution of South-South Cooperation to the Development of Global Human Rights
  CHANG Jian and YIN Haozhe

6 How Will China Promote Development of Global Human Rights Agenda in South-South Cooperation?

7 Inclusive Development and Realization of South-South Human Rights
  Bruna Mara Liso Gagliardi

8 Cooperation between China and South-South Countries
Opening a New Chapter for World Human Rights Development
  ZHANG Guobin

9 Promote Global Human Rights Governance for a Human Community with a Shared Future
  XIAO Junyong

10 China’s Contribution and Practice in Terms of Concept-Building in South-South Human Rights Governance
From the Perspective of Global Human Rights Governance
  Zhao Shukun and Mao Kui

11 Building a Human Community with a Shared Future to Drive New Progress in the Global Governance of Human Rights
  CHEN Youwu

12 Building a Human Community with a Shared Future
New Thinking on Advancing Global Human Rights Governance
  ZHANG Xiaoling and ZHAO Mingxia

13 The United Nations Charter and a Human Community with a Shared Future
  ZHANG Guihong

14 A Human Community with a Shared Future in Global Governance Modernization
China’s Theoretical Expression and Practice
  QIAN Jinyu

15 The Significance of China and South-South Cooperation for the Development of Global Human Rights Undertakings
  Yonette Decina Cummings-Edward

16 Building a Human Community with a Shared Future and Promoting Global Human Rights Governance
  Mikhail Alexandrovich Lebedev

17 Building a Human Community with a Shared Future by Adopting a Comprehensive Southern Vision on Human Rights
  Tom Zwart

18 Construction of South-South Cooperative Community and South-South Cooperation in Global Human Rights Governance
  LIU Ming

19 An Initial Discussion on Building a Human Community with a Shared Future and the Right to Peace
  DU Xuewen

20 Legal Guarantee of Chinese Women’s Right to Health
  XIA Yinlan

21 The Belt and Road Initiative and the Realization of the Right to Development
  LI Yunlong

22 A New Platform for Human Rights Development under South-South Cooperation
The Belt and Road Disability Cooperation
  ZHANG Wanhong

23 Realizing the Right to Development Through South-South Cooperation
Sharing the Chinese Experience with the World
  WANG Xigen

24 Peace Studies and Global Human Rights Governance
  LIU Cheng and LUO Qingyun

25 Opportunities and Challenges Brought by the Belt and Road Construction to the Development of South-South Human Rights
  CHEN Bateer and LI Shuanglong

26 Increase Judicial Cooperation among Countries under South-South Cooperation and Boost the Development of Global Human Rights
  LI Xiao

27 Strengthen South-South Cooperation on Safeguarding the Rights of Children and Lay a Solid Foundation for Building a Human Community with a Shared Future
  TONG Lihua

28 Expand the Coverage of Social Security and Protect Citizens’ Social Security Rights and Interests—China’s Practice and Experience in Maintaining Social Security Rights and Interests of Citizens
  FEI Ping

29 On China’s Aid to Africa and Human Right Protection in Africa
  GAO Xinman

30 Poverty Reduction and Development in Chinese Ethnic Minority Regions
A Case Study of Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province
  ZHANG Qing’an

31 Mongolia-China Economic Cooperation and Green Development
  Nasanbat Tumur

32 Implement the Strategy of Healthy China for the Right to Health of People
  HAN Dayuan

33 Further Policies and Measures for the Promotion of Growth and Development of Women in Science and Technology
  ZHANG Liqin

34 China and South-South Cooperation – Important Role in Promoting Human Rights Development in the World a Perspective from Malaysia
  Peter Thiam Chai CHANG

35 The Right to Development in Chinese Practice
Poverty Alleviation and Relief in China
  CHENG Yanjun and LI Pai

36 New Economic World Order Outlining a Framework to a Shared Future for Sustainable Development
  Yubaraj Sangroula

37 South-South Cooperation and Realization of the Right to Development
Challenges and Opportunities
  Mohammad Reza Ghaebi

38 The Realization of South-South Development Rights
Examples of Poverty Alleviation, Health, Education and Job Creation
  Bamazi Kossi Tchaa

39 Realization of South-South Right to Development – Poverty Alleviation, Health, Education and Employment as Examples
  Limpho Masilo-Motsamai

40 The Realization of South-South Development Rights
A Case Study of Kenya
  Claries Gatwiri Kariuki

41 Human Rights as a Principle, Means and End of Peace Building in Colombia
  Mateo Gómezvásquez


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