Brill's Companion to the Reception of Socrates


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Brill’s Companion to the Reception of Socrates, edited by Christopher Moore, provides almost unbroken coverage, across three-dozen studies, of 2450 years of philosophical and literary engagement with Socrates – the singular Athenian intellectual, paradigm of moral discipline, and inspiration for millennia of philosophical, rhetorical, and dramatic composition. Following an Introduction reflecting on the essentially “receptive” nature of Socrates’ influence (by contrast to Plato’s), chapters address the uptake of Socrates by authors in the Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Late Antique (including Latin Christian, Syriac, and Arabic), Medieval (including Byzantine), Renaissance, Early Modern, Late Modern, and Twentieth-Century periods. Together they reveal the continuity of Socrates’ idiosyncratic, polyvalent, and deep imprint on the history of Western thought, and witness the value of further research in the reception of Socrates.

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Christopher Moore, Ph.D. (2008), University of Minnesota, is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Classics at the Pennsylvania State University. He has written Socrates and Self-Knowledge (Cambridge, 2015) and Calling Philosophers Names: On the Origins of a Discipline (Princeton, 2019); he has also co-edited Socrates and the Socratic Dialogue (Brill, 2018) and Plato: Charmides (Hackett, 2019).

Contributors are: Dolores Amat, Hayden W. Ausland, Mark Beck, Brady Bowman, Nadia Bray, Jacques A. Bromberg, Alison Calhoun, Damian Caluori, F. Javier Campos-Daroca, Curtis Dozier, Juraj Franek, Samuel Frederick, James Hankins, Leofranc Holford-Strevens, Brian Earl Johnson, David Johnson, Mark Joyal, Oskari Kuusela, Leonard Lawlor, Cedric Littlewood, Antis Loizides, Felicity P. Loughlin, Menahem Luz, Sean McConnell, Christopher Moore, David J. Murphy, Sandra Peterson, Ute Pietruschka, Susan Prince, Christopher C. Raymond, David Schur, John Sellars, Karel Thein, Michele Trizio, Elvira Wakelnig, David Conan Wolfsdorf, Lori Yamato
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Introduction: Socrates’ Writing as Writings about Socrates 1
Christopher Moore

Living Reception

1 Greek Tragedy and the Socratic Tradition 41
Jacques A. Bromberg

2 Socrates in Early Fourth-Century Rhetoric: Polycrates, Lysias, Isocrates,
and Pseudo-Andocides 75
David J. Murphy

3 Plato’s Reception of Socrates: One Aspect 98
Sandra Peterson

4 Antisthenes’ Portrayal of Socrates 124
Menahem Luz

5 Xenophon’s Socrates and the Socratic Xenophon 150
David Johnson


Greek Philosophy

6 Socrates in Aristotle’s History of Philosophy 173
Christopher Moore

7 What Is Socratic about the Pseudo-Platonica? 211
Mark Joyal

8 Epicurus and the Epicureans on Socrates and the Socratics 237
F. Javier Campos-Daroca

9 The Syncretic Socrates of Epictetus 266
Brian Earl Johnson

10 Socratic Themes in the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius 293
John Sellars

11 Plutarch’s Primary Use of the Socratic Paradigm in the Lives 311
Mark Beck

12 Socratic Methods in Damascius 328
Damian Caluori


Roman Writers

13 Cicero and Socrates 347
Sean McConnell

14 Socrates in Roman Satire 367
Cedric Littlewood

15 The Rhetoric of Socrates in Quintilian’s Institutio Oratoria 399
Curtis Dozier

16 Socrates in Aulus Gellius 415
Leofranc Holford-Strevens


Late Antiquity and the Medieval Period

17 The Reception of Socrates in Tertullian 435
Juraj Franek

18 Socrates in Stobaeus: Assembling a Philosopher 453
Susan Prince

19 Syriac Reception of Socrates 518
Ute Pietruschka

20 Socrates in the Arabic Tradition: An Esteemed Monotheist with Moist
Blue Eyes 545

Elvira Wakelnig
21 Socrates, “Princeps Stoicorum,” in Albert the Great’s Middle Ages 571
Nadia Bray

22 Socrates in Byzantium 592
Michele Trizio


Early Modern Europe

23 Manetti’s Socrates and the Socrateses of Antiquity 619
James Hankins

24 Writing Montaigne’s Socrates with Diogenes Laertius and Plutarch 635
Alison Calhoun

25 Socrates and Religious Debate in the Scottish Enlightenment 658
Felicity P. Loughlin


The Nineteenth Century

26 Socrates in the Early Nineteenth Century, Become Young and Beautiful 685
Hayden W. Ausland

27 Astonished Thought: Friedrich Schlegel’s Appropriation of Socratic Irony 719
Samuel Frederick

28 Hegel on Socrates and the Historical Advent of Moral Self-Consciousness 749
Brady Bowman

29 The Mills 793
Antis Loizides

30 Kierkegaard’s Socratic Way of Writing 820
David Schur and Lori Yamato

31 Nietzsche’s Revaluation of Socrates 837
Christopher C. Raymond


The Twentieth Century

32 Wittgenstein’s Reception of Socrates 883
Oskari Kuusela

33 Leo Strauss’ Socrates and the Possibility of Philosophy in Our Time 908
Dolores Amat

34 “Sacrifice a Cock to Asclepius”: The Reception of Socrates in Foucault’s Final Writings 928
Leonard Lawlor

35 Socratic Voices in Derrida’s Writing 950
Karel Thein

36 Socrates, Vlastos, and Analytic Philosophy 975
David Conan Wolfsdorf

Index of Persons 997
All interested in the character and philosophy of Socrates as understood throughout the history of Western thought, especially students and scholars of classical antiquity, the history of philosophy, and modern receptions.
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