New Voices of Muslim North-African Migrants in Europe

New Voices of Muslim North-African Migrants in Europe captures the experience in writing of a fast growing number of individuals belonging to migrant communities in Europe. The book follows attempts to transform postcolonial literary studies into a comparative, translingual, and supranational project. Cristián H. Ricci frames Moroccan literature written in European languages within the ampler context of borderland studies. The author addresses the realm of a literature that has been practically absent from the field of postcolonial literary studies (i.e. Neerlandophone or Gay Muslim literature). The book also converses with other minor literatures and theories from Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as Asians and Latino/as in the Americas that combine histories of colonization, labor migration, and enforced exile.

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Cristián H. Ricci, Ph.D. (2003), is Professor of Iberian Studies and North African Studies at the University of California, Merced. He has published many monographs on Spanish and Moroccan literatures, including ¡Hay moros en la costa! Literatura marroquí fronteriza en castellano y catalán (Iberoamericana, 2014).
A Note on Translations

Introduction: A Transmodern-Postcolonial Approach to Afro-European Literature

1 Memories of al-Andalus: between “Paterista” and Testimonial Poetry

2 Negotiating Afro-Iberian Identity in Moroccan and Riffian Literature
 1 Castilian Language in Morocco: from the Protectorate to the “Return of the Moors”
 2 Moroccan Borderland Literature in Castilian
 3 Amazigh (Berber)-Catalan Women and the Forging of an Afro-Iberian Identity

3 Marginal Sexualities in/from Morocco and France
 1 Salvation Army
 2 An Arab Melancholia

4 Writing the Riff (Morocco) from the Netherlands and Belgium
 1 Wedding by the Sea: Troublesome Homecoming for Second-generation Migrants
 2 Abdullah’s Feet: the Longing for an Imaginary Homeland from Amsterdam
 3 Internal and External Borders in Brick Oussaïd’s Mountains Forgotten by God

5 Moroccan Displacements through History in the Narrative of Laila Lalami

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All interested in Maghreb and Middle Eastern Studies, French, Africana Studies/Black Studies, Queer Studies, Women Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Chicano/US Latino Studies, Comparative Literature, Cultural Anthropology, and Sociology.