Aleppo and its Hinterland in the Ottoman Period / Alep et sa province à l’époque ottomane


Editors: Stefan Winter and Mafalda Ade
Aleppo and its Hinterland in the Ottoman Period is a collection of eleven essays in English and French by leading scholars of Ottoman Syria, drawing on new research in Turkish, Levantine and other archival sources. Focusing on both the city and its place in the wider region, the collection examines trade guilds and Christian settlement in Aleppo, Turkmen and Bedouin tribes in Aleppo’s interior, international trade and the establishment of an Ottoman commercial tribunal in the Tanzimat period, Aleppo and the rise of the millet system, the Belgian consular presence, Sufi networks in the province of Aleppo, the countryside of Antioch under the Egyptian occupation, and the urban revolt of 1850.

With contributions from Enver Çakar, Elyse Semerdjian, Charles Wilkins, Stefan Winter, Mary Momdjian, Bruce Masters, Sylvain Cornac, Mafalda Ade, Feras Krimsti, Nicolas Jodoin, Stefan Knost.

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Biographical Note

Stefan Winter, Ph.D. (2002) is Professor of History at Koç University in Istanbul. He has published two monographs and numerous articles on Syrian rural society, Shiism and tribal settlement in the Ottoman period.

Mafalda Ade, Ph.D. (2011) is Turkish Lecturer at McGill University, Montréal, and instructor at Koç University, Istanbul. She has published widely on the Poche archives of Aleppo and on Ottoman commercial jurisprudence, in addition to the Turkish learners’ textbook Kaçan Adam (Routledge, 2019)

Table of contents

1. Les Turkmènes d’Alep à l’époque ottomane (1516-1700) – Enver Çakar
2. Armenians in the production of urban space in early modern Judayda – Elyse Semerdjian
3. Patterns of leadership in the guilds of 17th-century Aleppo – Charles Wilkins
4. Alep et l’émirat du désert (çöl beyliği) au XVIIe-XVIIIe siècle – Stefan Winter
5. Halabis and Foreigners in Aleppo’s Mediterranean Trade: The Role of Levantine Merchants in Eighteenth-Century Commercial Networks – Mary Momdjian
6. The Millet Wars in Aleppo, 1726-1821: An Ottoman perspective – Bruce Masters
7. Antioche sous l’occupation égyptienne (1832-1840) : un centre de pouvoir militaire et modernisateur – Sylvain Cornac
8. L’innovation judiciaire dans l’Empire ottoman : l’établissement d’un tribunal de commerce à Alep au milieu du XIXe siècle – Mafalda Ade
9. Disciplining Disobedient Subjects: The Punishment of Aleppo’s Insurgents in 1850 as a Contentious Issue – Feras Krimsti
10. Les consuls Picciotto et Poche, médiateurs des intérêts belges à Alep (1855–1914) – Nicolas Jodoin
11. Entre réseaux régional et transrégional : La Mevleviyye dans la province d‘Alep pendant le XIXe siècle – Stefan Knost


Anyone interested in the city of Aleppo and Syria more generally in the Ottoman period, and specialist scholars, research libraries and students interested in Ottoman archival sources and Ottoman provincial history.

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