Sociolinguistics and the Narrative Turn

Researching language and society in contexts of change and transition


Sociolinguistics and the Narrative Turn presents a fresh approach to sociolinguistics. Located within a qualitative paradigm, it proposes an alternative method for generating knowledge in the field. To start with, there is an argued critique of some of the guiding principles of traditional sociolinguistics which is driven by a trend of scholarship that draws on the meta-narrative of the researcher. In this traditional approach to sociolinguistics, the interpretation of the language phenomenon is not only decontextualised but also stripped of human experience. To illustrate his argument that a qualitative narrative approach to knowledge generation can offer different perspectives and can renew the theorisation of the relationship between language and society, the author has conducted a small-scale study consisting of seven participants.

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Rada Tirvassen, a Mauritian national, is the Head of the Department of Ancient and Modern Languages at the University of Pretoria. He has published extensively in French on Mauritius and on the Islands of the Indian Ocean. In his research, he adopts both a sociolinguistic and a psycholinguistic perspective.
All scholars who are interested in reflecting critically on sociolinguistics and who want to understand the contribution of narratives in arriving at a different theorisation of the relationship between language and society should be interested in this book
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