The Rome Statute of the ICC at its Fifteenth Anniversary

Achievements and Perspectives


Editor: Pavel Šturma
The Rome Statute of the ICC at its Fifteenth Anniversary (Achivements and Perspectives) is an edited book comprising of 13 chapters written by contributors to a conference dedicated to discuss the development, achievements and possible future evolution of the Rome Statute and international criminal law. The authors include academics from various legal systems, practitioners from the ICC and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, attorneys and other practitioners and theoretics.

The International Criminal Court is the first universal international criminal tribunal. Though quite new (only 15 years have passed since the entry into force of its basic document - the Rome Statute), it has already developed interesting case-law and continues to elaborate on both substantive and procedural international criminal law.

Contributors are Ivana Hrdličková, Claus Kreß, Tamás Lattmann, Jan Lhotský, Milan Lipovský, Iryna Marchuk, Josef Mrázek, Anna Richterová, Simon De Smet, Ondřej Svaček, Pavel Šturma, Kateřina Uhlířová, Kristýna Urbanová, Aloka Wanigasuriya.
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Biographical Note

Pavel Šturma, DrSc. (1963), Charles University, Faculty of Law, in Prague, is Professor of Public International Law at that university. He is also member of the UN International Law Commission, published monographs and many articles in the field of international law, including International Criminal Court and Prosecution of Crimes under International Law (Charles University Press, 2002).


Legal practitioners and academics focusing on the field of international criminal law as well as anyone interested in international criminal justice and the Rome Statute of the ICC.