From Pax Mongolica to Pax Ottomanica

War, Religion and Trade in the Northwestern Black Sea Region (14th-16th Centuries)


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The history of the Black Sea may be considered as alternating between an “inner lake,” when a single empire establishes control over the sea and its surrounding areas, and that of an open sea, in which various continental or maritime powers compete for the region’s resources. By taking into account the impact both of major powers and minor political actors, this volume proposes a long-term perspective of regional history. It offers a deep understanding of the political and commercial history of the Black Sea between the 14th and the 16th centuries, and provides insights into the political and economic developments of the region.

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Ovidiu Cristea, Ph.D (2003), is Senior Researcher at the Institute of History Nicolae Iorga, Bucharest. He has published books and articles on the Later Crusades, Black Sea History (14th-16th century) and the circulation of information in Southeastern Europe during the early modern period.

Liviu Pilat, Ph.D. (2007), is Professor of Medieval History at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iași. He has published monographs and articles on various aspects of Central and Eastern European political history in the 15th century.


Ovidiu Cristea and Liviu Pilat

The Genoese in the Black Sea (1261–1453): Metamorphoses of a Hegemony
Șerban Papacostea

Catholic Missions in the Golden Horde Territory
Roman Hautala

Between Byzantium, the Mongol Empire, Genoa and Moldavia: Trade Centers in the North-Western Black Sea Area
Laurențiu Rădvan

“La Rotta Della Tana” (1343): the Viewpoint of Venetian Chronicles
Șerban Marin

The Timurids and the Black Sea
Nagy Pienaru

The Principality of Theodoro (Mangup) and Stephen the Great’s Moldavia: Observations and Hypotheses
Ștefan S. Gorovei

Attempts at Forging a Genoese-Polish-Tatar Alliance against the Ottoman Empire in 1480–1484
Danuta Quirini-Poplawska

Dynastic Conflicts, Alliances and the Ottoman Imperial Policy in the Northern Black Sea (1489–1499)
Liviu Pilat

From Świerczowski to Wallachian Expedition of Jan Zamoyski: Rise of the Cossack Factor in Polish-Ottoman Relations (1574–1600)
Dariusz Milewski

War and Diplomacy in the Black Sea Region during the “Long War” (1593–1606)
Ovidiu Cristea and Ovidiu Olar

Entangled Histories, Entangled Chancelleries? Moldavia and the Crimean Khanate between Pax Mongolica and Pax Ottomanica
Michał Wasiucionek

The volume will interest the scholars who work on the political and economic history of East Central Europe during the late medieval and early modern periods.
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