Biblical Hebrew in Context

Essays in Semitics and Old Testament Texts in Honour of Professor Jan P. Lettinga


For half a century Jan P. Lettinga (1921), Professor emeritus of Semitic Languages at the Theological University Kampen (Broederweg), greatly influenced the teaching of Biblical Hebrew in the Faculties of Theology, Religious Studies and Semitic Languages in the Netherlands and Belgium by his widely used grammar. This volume honours his legacy and reputation as a Semitist. Lettinga always asked how a historical approach of the Semitic languages and literature would contribute to their understanding, and how this elucidates our reading of the Hebrew Scriptures. Biblical Hebrew in Context applies this approach to issues reflecting the full breadth of Lettinga’s interests: Mesopotamian and Biblical Law, the history, grammar and teaching of Hebrew and Aramaic, and the translation and interpretation of Ugaritic and Old Testament texts.

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Koert van Bekkum Ph.D. (2010), Theological University Kampen, is Assistant Professor of Old Testament at that university. He is author of From Conquest to Coexistence: Ideology and Antiquarian Intent in the Historiography of Israel’s Settlement in Canaan (Brill, 2011). Gert Kwakkel Ph.D. (2001), University of Groningen, is Professor of Old Testament at the Theological University Kampen and Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at the Faculté Jean Calvin, Aix-en-Provence. He is author of According to my Righteousness: Upright Behaviour as Grounds for Deliverance in Psalms 7, 17, 18, 26, and 44 (Brill, 2002). Wolter H. Rose D.Phil. (1997), Oxford University, is Senior Lecturer of Semitic Languages and Cultures at the Theological University Kampen, and Lecturer of Hebrew at the University of Groningen. He is author of Zemah and Zerubbabel: Messianic Expectations in the Early Postexilic Period (2000).
All interested in the languages and literature of the Ancient Near East, the history and grammar of Hebrew, and the translation and interpretation of the Old Testament.
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